Chapter 243 Noah

Third Person's POV

Noah hears himself purring as he lays on top of Asher while watching him sleep.

His fingers lightly trace his face. His heart hurts for Asher, he can see the puffiness in his face still from crying last night.

Luke was more than a Beta to Asher. He was a best friend, he was a brother.

Noah hears his purr get louder as Asher begins to stir. He feels the excitement building in him, waiting for his eyes to open.

Asher hums as he begins to open his eyes. His arms snaking around Noah's waist, his hands running across his skin as he snakes them around his waist.

The biggest smile spreads across Noah's face as he finally looks into Asher's beautiful brown eyes.

Asher smiles, then chuckles when he hears Noah's rough motor going and the big smile on his face.

"I swear Noah, you're purr never fails to amaze me. I absolutely love it!"

He says then leans forward and presses a kiss to his lips. Noah's eyes slowly close when he feels Asher's lips against his.

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Abigail Phillips


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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Rachael Marie Annandale
I can’t imagine Noah without Michael and Asher now! I love them!
goodnovel comment avatar
Shauna Dunn Figler
Yes loved this chapter I am.hoping for more babies with other couples after this last heat. They need lots to keep the books coming ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Stephanie Delage
Yay!!!! I’m so happy for Noah Asher and Michael!!! My heart melted for Asher <3 he’s so excited!!!! I can’t wait for more updates!!!!

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