Chapter 244 Reid

Reid's POV

After leaving the cell, I couldn't face my mate.

I know Eric was an evil man. I know he's done horrible things to my mate.... But this is just something I've never done before.

I feel more like I'm one of them now. I feel like I'm the monster now. I feel disgusting, my skin feels like it's crawling, like I need to crawl out of it and hide.

I head straight to my office, needing to be alone, and needing a shower. I'm so thankful I had that bathroom put in.

I quickly make my way to my office, shutting the door and locking it. Making sure no one can enter. I barely make it to the bathroom before I drop to my knees and throw up into the toilet.

I continue to throw up, emptying every last bit that was in my stomach.

I slowly stand up, flushing the toilet before I turn toward the sink to wash my hands and face. I turn the water on, then wait for it to get warm.

My eyes find their way to the mirror. I look at myself for a moment before I can't any longer. I rest against the sink as
Abigail Phillips


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Comments (5)
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Rachael Marie Annandale
...... okay now I’m sad but happy sad
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Cheryl Williams
Reid is in all actuality a werewolf King. This war was because of him wanting to protect his loved ones and those who were too weak to fight for themselves. He needs to forgive himself. Reid has done more good than bad in killing Eric...
goodnovel comment avatar
Cheryl Williams
Reid needed to hear those things Julian said to him. Reid believed that he was just as bad as Eric. Eric was a horrible person and caused a lot of hurt to those who were weaker than him.

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