Chapter 245 Xavier

The day before the war, later that evening.

Xavier's POV

I turn the shower off... I already know he's there. I open the shower and smirk at him but he doesn't smirk back nor does he smile at me. He simply hands me my towel.

I look at his perfect face, his perfect hair and his his perfect body.

"Stop those thoughts, that's not what I'm here for."

My thoughts stops instantly and my stomach drops.

He's never talked me like this before.

He's so serious as he stands there looking at me. I can't tell if he's mad or not.

I quickly dry off then wrap the towel around my waist. Glancing at him every now and then as I try to figure out what he's thinking.

His walls are up so I can't feel him. I lightly pushed against it and it's firmly up.

I don't want to push harder, because he'll feel it so I stopped trying.

I feel nervous as I get out of the shower, afraid he knows exactly what happened down there and he's mad about it.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thi
Abigail Phillips


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It’s called “Noah, an Omega’s Story”. It’s officially on GoodNovel as of today! ;)
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what will Noah's book be named?
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Alpha Reid and the Hybrids, is book 2. That's the book where Damien is introduced, the beginning of the book. He meets Xavier shortly after. later in that book, during the war they discover they have a third mate. He's one of the Omegas they rescue. Theo

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