Chapter 246 Maddox

Maddox's POV

Addison and I have been taking turns watching over Finn. He still hasn't woken up since he passed out in my arms after the war was over.

He blinked to me just as I was almost back to the packhouse.

He suddenly appeared right in front of me. His body was swaying, his wings disappeared instantly.


Was all he was able to say as he reached for me. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he fell forward.

I caught him just in time, scooping him up into my arms.

He scared the shit out of me!

I ran straight to the doctor in the tent to have him looked at.

The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him, I freaked out even more when I learned that Angelica was unconscious so I couldn't even have her check on Finn to see if he was okay.

Both my mate and my daughter were unconscious!

I calmed down after Ryder told me why she was unconscious. I started connecting the dots. It only makes sense that if she passed out from using her light, that's most likely what happened to
Abigail Phillips


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Monique Johnson
I love this story just wish for more chapter's. I constantly check every day.
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Tanya Gencheva
so the question is will Apolo will have his Aurora or .... ?! :D

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