Chapter 247 Michael

Michael's POV

I moan as I feel the intense pleasure, these are the best dreams! I think as I feel my little omega ride my cock. Feeling his walls stretch around me as I move in and out of him.

I moan again, My goddess is so tight! He feels so damn good!

His little moans and whimpers are music to my ears.

The sensation of his claws sinking into me to make me furrow my eyebrows and I feel myself slowly waking up.

The only problem is I still feel the movement, this is no longer a dream...

This little feisty shit is actually riding my cock while I'm sleeping again!

Apon that realization I instantly stopped moving. It doesn't take long before I hear a frustrated growl come from him. He wiggles around as he moves up and down my length. I feel him push against my chest, trying to get me to do something.

It takes everything in me not to laugh or smile. I simply lay here and pretend to be sleeping.

He growls again as he thrust his hips against me, as if he's nudging me to get me to move.

He gr
Abigail Phillips

Noah, an Omega's story, is officially up on this site! There's five chapters up right now, and I will be posting two more today. The cover picture is Noah... This is what? I've always imagined he looked like. If you're interested in more pictures of Noah and the rest of the characters, go to the series Facebook page. It's under my pen name, Abigail Phillips.

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Thank you! I appreciate this thought process and a good ending is worth the wait.
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Abigail Phillips
This book will be finished before the end of the week. sorry guys, I had to take a short break from this book. It was so long I felt I was getting burnt out and rushing the end. not wanting to do that. I stepped back for a moment. But rest assured, this will be finished before the end of the week.
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What Shauna said is correct. This is however the 3rd book in the Series. Noah’s is a prequel basically. Then Book 4 will resume were this one left off. Hope this helps :)

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