Epilogue 1

Reid's POV

I groan then moan, pressing my hips against him as I press him into the wall. His legs squeezed tighter as he rocks his hips against me. I feel his tongue move against my neck as he sucks and feeds from me.

I squeezed his ass, pulling him against me again as I thrust my hips forward. Growling as I want to sink my cock into his ass.

I feel as he extracts his fangs then licks the wound.

I dropped my head into his neck, my chest rapidly rising and falling as I try to catch my breath. I feel his mouth and tongue as he sucks nips and kisses at my neck. Making his way up until he latches onto my earlobe.

I groan, wishing we could take this further, but knowing we need to go.

It's an amazing thing when he feeds from me. Unfortunately it's extremely difficult when we do this just before we have to be somewhere.

As we were getting ready to leave the room Julian swayed, I caught him before he fell. I turned his face and was shocked at how pale he was. He had already fed off me twice t
Abigail Phillips

Hi reader's, I know I said I would have this book done by the end of today. Unfortunately there was just too much to wrap up in this epilogue. But that's good news in a way, that means more to the story. There will be one more epilogue, and I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the day tomorrow and posted for everyone.

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goodnovel comment avatar
She’s mid writing it / editing it. So it’s very likely we’ll see it today :) <3
goodnovel comment avatar
Carmen Ferrer-Torres
When are we getting Epilogue 2
goodnovel comment avatar
Shauna Dunn Figler
I hope your plan is to still do another book following all these charaters after you finish Noahs book. I want more on Xavier/ Damien and Theo, Anders and Mark and forsure Gabriel Maklie and Justin!

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