Epilogue 2, The final chapter

Cain's POV

I was so lost in my thoughts, I never even heard Christian come out of the bathroom. Nor did I see him.

I was off in my mind, thinking about my pack. Thinking of everything that happened and that's going to happen.

The elders are coming in 2 weeks to make me the official Alpha for my pack. I haven't asked him yet, but I want Christian to officially become my Luna at the same time.

I plan on asking him tonight, I don't know why I feel so nervous about it. But I do. I'm sure he'll say yes, but a part of me is scared he won't.

A part of me is scared he won't want to leave his pack.

When he accepted and mated with me, I wasn't getting ready to become an alpha.

Garrick was the alpha, there was no talk of me being the next alpha.

What if he only agreed and accepted me because he thought I was going to stay with him at his pack.... What if he has no intentions on coming with me?

The thought has me more scared than ever now. I don't know what I would do if he doesn't want to come wi
Abigail Phillips

Thank you so much for reading my books and for all the wonderful support and the wonderful comments! Your comments are such an inspiration for me. They inspire and motivate me to keep writing. Thank you and I love you all! I hope everyone is enjoying Noah's story. For those who aren't aware, Noah has his own book now. And it's ongoing right now on this site only.

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I have loved this series and I’m very glad to know there will be more
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Debbie Proffer
I live all these books they are so good and funny.
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I have Loved this series! So very happy there will be another book! Thank you for the journey!
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