~~~ Present  Day ~~~

The curtains were suddenly drawn, letting the sunlight assault my vision as I tried to collect myself. Reaching for the blankets, I found none, nor did I feel Trent.

While my body slept, it still felt as though I’d gotten no sleep at all. I had faded in and out during the night, only remembering little pieces of it like when his Beta, Corbyn, came to check on us or when Trent rearranged me in the bed… but I didn’t think he left me.

A few years ago, it had become too difficult for him to spend the night with me anymore, too tempting, so I guess he only had so much patience. While I should appreciate that he respects my request for us to wait until the mate bond clicks or marriage, I was annoyed that I was cold and alone.

I blinked, trying to let my vision adjust, and caught his cocky smirk staring down at me. I mean, if someone had to be held here, there were worse options. Trent had filled out nicely as we grew up, no longer the tall and thin version of him I first laid eyes on. No, now he was definitely all filled out into his wolf-graced muscles. 

“Your trainer is waiting,” his patience was already waning with me. 

“I had a rough-”

“No excuses, Dee,” he pulled my hands so that I stood up, where he then gently shoved me in the direction of my closet, “the wedding is in less than a month, you want to look your best, don’t you?”

Right, ‘She needs to be healthier for the best chance at producing the strongest pups,’ his father had said a few years ago when Trent turned of age. I let out a small sigh as I watched Trent’s reactions in my peripheral to pick out which workout gear I was wearing today. I mean, sure, I liked sweets - candy… I loved candy, and I MAY have a little softness to me, but it’s not like I had the help of my wolf’s metabolism yet. Frick on a stick I would kill for some jelly beans. 

“You look good,” Trent spun me around before pulling me into him after I emerged with the approved gear on, “I instructed your trainer to go a little harder this month, try to get rid of these last few pounds before the wedding.”

Fudge… him. No, fudge me… please. This is exactly why I can't be here, why I can't be his, but it's easier said than done when the Stones run things around here. 

"You're going to be a vision in that dress," Trent's lips brushed against my neck, his hardened length pressing against my stomach, "but without it is going to be a much better look." After a few deep inhales he created some distance between us. "I've arranged for Piper to come here and a masseuse for after training." 

"Ok," I nodded at him, already sick of pretending to be meek and mild. Now I have to perform in front of Piper, the biggest Alpha groupie there was.

"I need to work on finding you a replacement but for now, two of my men will stay back as the guards today," his voice sounded on edge but there were too many things to guess what about, "try not to be as ungrateful when I come back." 

I was too stunned to speak. Not that it would have mattered, because he stormed off immediately. Don't…  be… ungrateful? 

Yep. what a real fantastic day it was going to be. 


“Girl, this is SO nice of Trent,” Piper said softly as she lay on the table next to mine with her masseuse hard at work, “he’s going to make the best Alpha one day.”

“Absolutely,” was all I could manage to get out as I pretended to relax. This was anything but relaxing, knowing that when we were done, Trent would be waiting for me and a better attitude. 

I hissed as the girl went over something tender, drawing Piper’s attention. She cringed as she looked me over, my bruises and cuts from Trent on full display. 

The last few months have been rough, not to mention my entire body hurt from trying to escape death last night, but Piper would never say anything, she knew better.

The going cover story was that I was particularly clumsy and an easy bruiser during training - you know, the time period in the morning where I run, run, and run some more and no one is allowed to touch me because I’m the Alpha’s son's plaything. 

“I hope you elevate soon,” Piper smiled up at me. 

Yea, me too, me too. 

Maybe I'd elevate into something crazy, like a dragon. Just blowing fire and burning everything at will. Yep, I think I'd like that. I've never felt very…. Wolfie…. but how would I even know what that's like? Maybe I'm a Siren. I mean, I did survive drowning… twice. I'd lure Trent right to his death, no sex required before I let him rot with the fish.

“I’m starting to think I never will,” I sighed, pulling myself from getting caught in things that would never happen, “my mom, at least from what I can remember, was human.”

“That’s rare,” Piper wrinkled her nose a bit as she shook her head, “but your dad was a wolf shifter?" She flashed a huge smile at me when I hummed in agreement, "I agree with Trent. I think you’re going to come into your abilities and be an Iota." 

An Iota. According to almost everyone here, they’re sweet, special and a gift only granted to the most worthy Alpha’s to care for. It’s just another way of them saying that they’re pathetically weak and not allowed an opinion because an Iota needed a big bad Alpha to control everything they do. It makes them feel 'safe'.

My mom was definitely not an Alpha and it’s not at all how I remember my dad, but I remember little from before the accident, and I’m not about to give them any more reason to believe that’s what I will elevate into. It’s suffocating enough here. 

"Maybe I’ll be a regular shifter, like you. I'm not sure how people can tell the difference." 

"You're just so sweet already," she beamed, "it would make sense." 

Don't puke. Don't do it. She means well, even if she can't help but skip right over the part where I'm forced to be sweet or Trent’s anger explodes and I end up with cracked ribs and short-lived apologies. 

“You’re probably right,” I smile back at her and she relaxes into her massage, “I just wish my shifter abilities weren’t taking so long to come in.”

“Maybe your birthday and the wedding will kick things off,” she wiggles her eyebrows at me and the heat that rises to my cheeks is no act.

My birthday and wedding are one and the same, and if coming of age doesn’t do it, somehow Trent is convinced that losing my virginity will. If both events fail, I’m not sure I want to know what Trent’s dad will want him to try next. 

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What is a iota
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really interesting

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