Adrian took me to a large building that smelled of horses. Inside was a beautiful huge riding arena and rows of stables. “Aricela?” He called.

  A pretty blonde popped up from behind a friesian who was chilling in his stable. She smiled sweetly at Adrian but scowled when she spotted me. “Oh. You brought one of the dogs.”

  “This is Kate. She does… horse things. I thought she could take Misty’s spot.”

  “I really do need to replace Misty. Get Vanilla ready. Everything’s labelled. Bring her into the arena and I’ll test you.”

  “Is she your ex?” I asked.

  “One date doesn’t count as an ex.” Adrian said.

  “It does if they really like you. In fact, if they really like you, eye contact counts.”

  “You werewolves are far too complicated.” He sighed. “Go and ride. I have things to do.”

  “Coward.” I snapped. 

  The horse I’d been given was a flea bitten grey. Someone had already groomed her but I cleaned her hooves to be on the safe side. She wore beautiful brown leather and a bright blue pad. I found a hat that fit and rode Vanilla into the arena. The other horses were decked out in the same tack and their riders wore matching outfits. I felt a little out of place in my scruffy stable clothes.

  Aricela’s frisian stood proud and intimidating in the centre where she barked orders. I quickly fell into step with the ground. Vanilla was a very sensitive horse who listened to my every command. Despite my lack of dressage experience, having such a good horse made it easy. 

  “Not bad.” Aricela said. “You look like a mess though. I’ll get you the uniform.” 


  “Don’t take it as a compliment, we just need to replace someone.”

  I sighed. “Is this about Adrian? Because he is not worth fighting over. I’m not even going to marry him if I can get out of it without hurting my pack.”

  “Why wouldn’t you?”

  “Because I don’t want to be forced into marriage?”

  “I thought werewolves loved that shit.” One of the other riders snarked. “You let your Moon Goddess pick partners for you and don’t question it.”

  “Maybe you should try learning about other cultures before mocking them.” I snapped. “Come on, Vanilla.” I nudged the mare forward. 

  Without Adrian, I had no idea how to get back. In the end, I climbed up a pile of hay bales and lay down to take a nap.

  I was woken up by Adrian poking my shoulder. “You should be careful.” He said. “Some men would love to find a beautiful wolf laying here, ready to ravish.”

  “Are you trying to be cringey or is it an accident?”

  “Shut up. Do you want to head back? Or live out a common fantasy?”

  “Is shagging in a hay loft a common fantasy?”

  “If my gran’s bodice rippers are anything to go by.”

  “Maybe it was just your gran.” 

  “Those books are apparently very popular. She told me I should read them, learn what a lady wants.”

  “Did you?”

  “I tried, couldn’t get past how bad they are.”

  “Well yeah, no one watches porn for the plot. Go on then, show me what you learned from your gran.”

  “Only if you never bring up my gran when I’m seducing you.”

  “Not into incest?”

  “Shut up.” He cleared his throat and then grabbed me by the back of the neck, pulling me into an aggressive kiss. He then grabbed my shirt roughly and pulled it over my head. He pushed me down and lay on top of me as he roughly kissed me. I wasn’t able to enjoy it though, the hay was scratching my back.

  “No.” I pushed him away. “Not here. It’s uncomfortable.”

  He didn’t push it, leaping up and handing me back my shirt. “Maybe there’s somewhere more comfortable in my rooms. Bed, shower, dining table.”

  “That’s more like it.” 

  As soon as we arrived back in his room, Adrian strode over to the window and opened the curtains. The view was amazing, we were so high that the world below seemed to be a completely different planet. 

  “Strip and get on the table.” Adrian said. “Facing the window. I want the world to know what I’m doing to you.”

  “I don’t think anyone can see in here.”

  “That’s the point. It gives you the thrill of public sex but none of the consequences.”

  I couldn’t argue there. I quickly stripped off and perched on the edge of the table. “Are you going to take your clothes off?” I asked, nudging him with my toes.

  “All in good time.” He removed his shoes, jacket and tie before sitting down, with the back of his chair in front of me. He was still just watching me. 

  “Go on.” I poked him with my foot again. “Do something.” He grabbed my ankle and held onto it.

  “On your back.” I lay down, folding my hands over my stomach. He moved closer, lifting the ankle that he was still holding. 

  “I’m just getting cold here.” I teased. I yelped as his hand cupped me between the legs.

  “That help?” He smirked. I whined as he began to move his hand, eventually sliding fingers inside me. He’d worked out what would have the most effect by now and within minutes I was making some sort of bizarre noise of pleasure as I got closer to that release. “I love the noises you make.” Adrian said. “And your face when you come. I should fuck you in front of a mirror sometime you can see.” He flexed his fingers, pushing me over the edge. “Like that.” He kissed me roughly as he moved a hand to my chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. He let go of my mouth and began to kiss along my body until he reached my chest, latching onto a nipple and sucking at it. I gasped, partly from the shock and partly from how good it felt. “I love your tits too. Who’d have thought a wolf would be so fucking hot?” He twisted the fingers still inside me. I screamed, it was almost too much for my body to take. “You ok?” Adrian asked, suddenly sounding worried, concerned he’d gone too far.

  “Fuck yes.” I moaned. “More.”

  “More?” He slipped another finger inside me. More literal than I was thinking but still. “I wonder how much you could take. I’ve met girls who like a whole fist up there. What about your arse? Do you like toys? More people?” I began to imagine the ideas he was suggesting, which just heightened the experience. “Do you want me to hit you? Do you want to hit me? Do weird shit with feathers? I could tie you up. Blindfold you. Leave you weak and defenceless. Would you like that, Wolfie?”

  “Yes!” I cried as another orgasm ripped through me. 

  “The fun I could have with you.” He kept his hand in me but moved down, lowering his face until it was between my legs. He propped my leg up onto the table and adjusted me until he was happy with the position he had me in. Once he was pleased, he latched on, sucking and biting while twisting his fingers. He’d made a good choice. I’m pretty certain there was no build up, I was just exploding in pleasure, my nerves on fire. 

  “You have some sort of superpower.” I panted when he grew bored of eating me out and returned to playing with my nipples. 

  “I’m a vampire. We can calculate outcomes extremely well. I like to apply it to all areas in my life.”

  “You use your vampire powers to be good in bed?” I began to laugh. “That’s cheating.”

  “Maybe.” He pushed his pants down and lifted my leg. He slammed into me with very little warning. I cried out in reaction. “Can you sit up?” He didn’t wait for my reply, wrapping his arm around my waist to pull me up. He shifted me to get a better angle but his main focus was resting my chin on his shoulder. “I want the world to see your face.” 

  It was kind of hard to get into this voyeurism fantasy when all I could see from this angle was black. But I had enough going on below my neck to occupy me. I came another two times before Adrian finally did and stilled. 

  We stayed there for a while, neither quite able to breathe. There was something to be said for being able to roll over and nap after sex. But eventually, Adrian seemed to regain the strength to scoop me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, and carrying me into my room. He sat me on the bed and began to look through my clothes, eventually handing me some underwear, a pair of shorts, and a camisole. He helped me dress, which was probably for the best. I wasn’t feeling very good. Once I was dressed, he tucked me under a blanket and disappeared, returning in his own pyjama pants with a couple of bottled waters and a bottle of wine. “Do you want food?” He asked.

  “Not really.” I admitted. “I kind of just want a cuddle.”

  He nodded. “If that’s what you need.” He climbed on the bed next to me and snuggled up to me.

  “We don’t talk much.” I mused out loud.

  “I got the sense you don’t want to talk to me.”

  “Do all vampires think we’re insane for believing in Mates?”

  “No. Some think it’s very romantic.”

  “Oh. I don’t know what I believe anymore. What I have with Anthony is supposed to be more special than anything else. He hasn’t even sent me a text and I’ve practically replaced him. But it makes sense. We’d only been together for twenty-four hours when I left.”

  Adrian went stiff next to me. “Wait, you were only with him for twenty-four hours?”

  “Yeah, probably less.”

  “So, you’ve only had sex with him, what? Once or twice?”

  “I guess. Why?”

  He let go of me and leapt across the room. “Did you ever shag anyone before him?”

  “No. We tend not to bother having sex until we meet our Mates. I thought you knew that.”

  “I didn’t know you were practically a virgin. I should have asked but you were acting like… fuck. This was a mistake.” He turned to leave the room and then seemed to remember something. He got back into bed with me and wrapped his arms around me. 

  “What are you doing?”

  “You still need aftercare. I’m not going to risk you getting sick.”

  “Oh. Thanks.” Protection Status