9. The One You Choose

I unwrap his fingers from around my hand and step away before turning to look at him. "Stop, Jude. We are history. And I have a boyfriend now."

His blue eyes bore into me. "You having a boyfriend is not going to keep me away." He takes a step towards me, to which I respond by stepping back farther. He narrows his eyes. "We never broke up, you know."

I gape at him. Is he serious?

"So no, we are not history," he continues.

I fold my arms around my middle and gaze up at him. "It's been three years—"

"It's been a misunderstanding," he interrupts me. "And it's solved now."

I look away, chewing on my lip. I can't handle this right now. First, I need to get to work on time. Then, I need to think of a way to tell Eli about all this. Until then, I don't want to have this conversation with Jude. I reach for the car door and pull it open. "Let's go back."

"I came here because of you," he says.

That stops me in my tracks. I turn to look at him again, a frown forming on my face. "What?"

"You're th
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