#Chapter Four

"Happy Third Mating Anniversary!"

I mind linked Tyler. I waited for some time and I did not receive any response.

I know he received the message and choose not to respond.

If he had the opportunity to break the mind link bond, he would have done that since but I am his mate and there is nothing he can do about it.

I do not blame him though. Who would be happy that your mate lied about being pregnant?

No one right?

I lied about being pregnant just because of money.

What was the money for? I do not even know.

"You should come home right straight from work. I have a very exciting surprise for you. I am sure you would love it!"

I could feel his excitement but he still did not reply to me.

Well, I hope he comes back home because I will not want to look like a fool in the presence of his family after organizing a surprise party for him.

I need to make sure that everything is perfect.

His mother and father will be there. I hope she approves of me.

"Selena!" I called the maid I hired. I needed help with the preparations, so I hired a maid. She is very nice, diligent, and obedient. So, I intend to keep her as my personal maid.

Selena came running inside my room.

"Good day, ma'am. You called for me." She courtesied.

"I have told you to call me my name. Anyways, how is it going in the kitchen? I hope you guys are working really fast. Make sure that all Alpha Tyler's favourite dishes are prepared. Nothing more, nothing less. It must also be perfect."

"I understand ma. We are trying our best. We are already cooking the tenth dish on the list that you gave us."

"Awesome! I like the sound of that. You may go back to your work."

She started leaving the room, and then I remembered something.

"Selena! Come back, please." I called after her and she stopped walking and turned around.

"I figured that you may not have a reasonable outfit to wear, so I selected some of the old gowns that I do not wear anymore.

Her hands flew to her mouth and her eyes shone with tears.

" Ma! Thank you so much! These gowns are too pretty for me to wear. I have never had a gown that is so beautiful. Thank you so much."

"Aww. I am glad that you love it. Please stop thanking me. it is not so much of a big deal. I think it is something any sane person will do. I could not throw them away so I just thought of giving them to you."

"It means a lot to me. Thank you."

"Stop thanking me. it's enough. Now, go and continue with what you were doing."

She ran off. Not without thanking me again.

My name should be here any time soon. The thought of him made my heart flutter with love.

I really want to make our relationship work. I want to be his Luna. I want to rule beside him. I want to make beautiful pups with him.

I am going to talk to him today. We need to talk. We must talk.

Does he not feel the mate bond? I know he has not marked me yet but we have been together for a long time.

How is he even able to be mad at me for a long time? I can not even bear to be away from him for a long time.

After waiting for what seemed like forever. Tyler finally came back.

I was very pissed. I put in my time and dedication to make this surprise dinner party work and he just walked right past me without even acknowledging my presence.

Is my doesn't pretty enough?

Or is my makeup too much?

He probably does not like the design.

Whatever it is, he should tell me and stop acting like a little child.

Yes, I know I lied to him but I did it for a reason.

I know he felt hurt and betrayed but I am sorry.

Can't he just understand?

"Tyler, What Is wrong with you?! I know I wronged you but you can not treat me like this."

"I can treat you however I want. Who gave you the right to enter my room anyhow you want? Have you not heard of the word 'privacy'?"

I scoffed, "Privacy from your own mate? This is ridiculous. I am going to be your luna soon. You should stop all these."

I was already tired of the silent treatment that he has been giving me.

"Your mom and dad will be here soon. Freshen up and get ready."

"Hold on. What makes you think that you are fit or qualified to be my Luna. You must be very delusional. You can not and will never be my luna. I can not have a liar as my Luna."

All those words were like arrows; slowly piercing my heart.

"What do you mean? Celia is training me to be the future luna. I can take care of the pack house, I can take care of you. I can support you and bear your pups. I am fit to be your luna!"

"Speaking of pups, you lied about carrying my pup or pups. In the future, if you become my luna (which is not even possible) how am I so sure that you will not lie about being pregnant?!"

I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. It is not my fault.

"Cat cut your tongue? Huh?!"

He was standing so close to me.

He touched my hand and said, "I love you. You do not know how hard it is for me to always ignore you. Fuck! Your scent makes me go crazy! But I do not trust you."

I held his hand. He can learn to trust me. I will prove to him that I can be trustworthy. I lied only one for fucksake!

"We can make this work. You will learn to trust me. You love me right?"

He shook his head and stepped away from me.

"I can not keep doing this. I, Alpha Tyler, hereby reject you as my mate and future luna of this pack. I sever every tie I have with you."

"Mate rejected us!" My wolf cries in my head.

I know he is not worth it." I try to say with confidence but it comes out very weak.

"No! You can not reject me. Tyler!"

He walked away from the room, leaving me dejected and rejected.

Celia suddenly walked inside the room.

"He does not want me. He rejected me."

"I know my brother; Tyler is an asshole but I did not know that he would reject his mate."

We are made for each other. Aren't mates supposed to be together forever?

Celia rubbed my back.

"I was hoping that he would come back to his senses and accept me as his mate and luna. Or is it because I was born into an Omega family? He said he can not trust me."

"He is very stupid if he does not realise that you are a very amazing girl."

I have heard of cases where mates reject each other but that is rare among werewolves and it is looked down upon. Mates are mostly seen as a blessing from the moon goddess.

Why would Tyler reject me?

"Did you decline the rejection?" Celia asked.

"I was too shocked to even think about that. I did not decline it."

"It is fine. I believe that you guys will get back together. You two are mates and you are both meant to be together. Trust me, you will have many pups together and guys will live together forever."

She sounded so sure. I could only wish that he does not fall for any other female. I do not know how I will act if that happens.

"Everything will come around. Tyler will come back begging you to accept him. I promise." Celia said while hugging me.

"Thank you so much, Celia. Thank you for being there for me."

"No need to thank me. I am always here if you need me. Now, you need to go and touch up your make up. My parents will be here anytime soon. Do not worry about Tyler. I'll send his Beta to look for him."

I am grateful that Celia is supporting me.

I do not know how Tyler's parents will react when they find out that Tyler rejected me.

Will they support him and find a befitting woman to be his new mate and luna?

What am I thinking? What am I doing here?

Tyler is never going to accept me.

My wolf has been quiet ever since Tyler rejected us. I need to run. I changed my gown into something more comfortable.

I used the back door so that Celia will not try to stop me from going.

(Hours Later)

I did not stop running for one minute. My legs were painting me so much that I could not feel them anymore.

"I am sorry," I whisper to my wolf.

She does not respond. In a few seconds, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I collapsed and roll into a tree.

"Heat." My wolf tells me.

I thought it was supposed to come later than this.

This pain got worse every minute. In the distance, I heard a few howls. Wolves!

There were a few growls a foot away from me. I started to shift back into human form due to the immense pain.

"Shift." The low voice commanded as I was already shifting.

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