I was contracted by border patrol that they smelled a rogue nearing the border.

My wolf starts to stir in my head at the mention of that specific rogue.

I contact my beta and gamma to meet me at the border.

As I approached, the dark silver wolf winced slightly, laying on her stomach.

"Shift," I command using my Alpha tone while she was already shifting back.

"She smells like you. I mind link my beta, Brody. He gives me a look of confusion.

" Not exactly like you. She just smells like you. She just smells like your position in this pack as beta. I say, clearing up the confusion.

"Maybe she is a daughter of a beta." My gamma chimes in the mind link.

"What pack are you from?" I ask forcefully using my Alpha tone again. She tries to say something but it comes out as a mumble.

She looks up and when our eyes meet, I heard my wolf repeat a word I thought I would never hear again.


I growl when I realise that my mate is laying naked and in pain in the dirt while there are unmated wolves around. I take off my shirt and cover her.

She flinched whenever my hand touched her skin.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" I asked with a kinder tone in my voice.

"What are you doing Asher?" Brody growls.

"Shut up," I growl back.

My mate wines every few seconds. She held her stomach in pain.

I am going to take you to the pack doctor." I whisper to her.

She looked frightened when I said that. When I looked into her eyes again, I see the life slowly draining out of them.

When she goes limp, a different type of scent washes over her. She is in heat!

"SHE IS IN HEAT!" A female wolf on border patrol says.

"Asher we need to get out of here." My gamma, Jacob says.

I reluctantly backed away from her.

"Carry her to the pack doctor," I ordered the same female.

She picks her up and starts to run towards the pack doctor. I mind linked Dr. Jones, my personal doctor and tell him to watch the rogue.

I do not like calling her the rogue but that is what she is to other wolves.

"Shewolves do not usually start heat until they have met their mate," Brody says.

I growl at the fact that they could be another man involved with her.

"Why are you showing mercy to the rogue?" Brody asks. "Usually you kill them on the spot."

"My wolf says she is my mate," I say slowly, barely keeping it above a mumble.

"But how? What about- " Jacob starts.

"Brooke? Yeah, I do not understand either." I sigh in confusion.

Alpha, I need permission to sedate her." I hear Dr. Jones say in the mind link.

"Why do you need to sedate her?" I ask starting to run towards the pack hospital.

"Her heat is more intense than that of other she-wolves," she says.

"I am on my way," I say then block any other further mind links to me.

I follow the sweet smell of honeysuckle and flowers. I walked into the and saw my mate with needles and devices connected to her. My wolf whimper at the sight of our mate in this condition.

"Do I have permission to sedate her for a few days Alpha?" Dr. Jones asks.

"Yes you do," I say. She injects my mate with a liquid and I see her heartbeat on the monitor even out.

"She will be sedated for 24 hours. I will come back to give her another shot in 12 hours."

"Thank you, Doctor," I say, then I take a seat next to the bed.

"With all due respect Alpha, Why did you bring a rogue here?" She asks.

"I have my reasons," I replied plainly.

I am known for being the most brutal Alpha on the continent. I mind link Brody to bring all the pack work to the hospital.

Through the hours, I finished my pack work for the day. I start to fall asleep and I let sleep consume me.


I wake up to the heart monitor letting out a long beep. I immediately wake up from my sleep and jump up. I look at my mate and see that she is awake.

I look at the floor and the device that was once on her finger was not there anymore. I turn off the heart monitor and move slowly towards my mate.

"I- I am sorry Alpha, for crossing the border without permission." She apologises.

"Why are you here?" I asked my mate. Trying to use a softer tone.


"Why are you here?" He asks in a low voice.

I mutter a string of curses under my breath. I am really nervous.

"Why does he smell like strawberries?" I ask Rayne, my wolf.

"He smells better than mate!" she responds.

"I was uhm- I was actually rejected by my mate yesterday or today, I do not really know what day it is. He rejected me on our third mating anniversary. He said that I am not fit to be his luna. I actually lied to him. I betrayed his trust. I lied to him that I was pregnant just because of my father.

I could not stand being there. It reminded me that I am unwanted." I say slowly.

He growls at the last part. He leans his head into the crook of my neck and breathes my scent in. The tingles I felt when he did that made me feel safe and uncomfortable at the same time. I move back away from him and look into his eyes.

"Sorry, I did not mean to do that."

He says as a flash of hurt appears on his face.

It disappeared as fast as it appeared.

"What pack are you from?" He asks.

"Th- The blue Blue Crescent Wolves." I stutter. I was really nervous around him but I felt I was safe too.

"What pack am I in?" I ask him.

"The Scarlet moon pack," he says taking pride in it.

I yelp at the name of the pack. Alpha Asher was known as the most cruel Alpha on the continent. He kills rogues immediately he sees them.

"Why did you not kill me?" I asked, shocked. He growls but calms down almost immediately. His eyes turn black then into shiny gold, letting me know his wolf is out.

"Mate." He says. The word sent shivers down my spine.

"What?" I said, My face showing I was shocked. "I already have a mate."

"He rejected you." his voice booming through the room.

It is almost unheard of for the Moon Goddess to give you a second mate.

"You might as well reject us." I sigh. We were unwanted. My wolf whines when I say that but a part of her knew that it was a possibility. It broke us when Terry rejected us. We figured we were not good enough for anyone.

Alpha Asher's went black then back to its natural blue eyes.

"Why will I reject you?" he asks, his eyes showing hurt.

"Nobody wants me. You are Alpha Asher. You need a strong mate. A mate that can help you with pack work." I start.

"What is your family's status?" He cuts me off.

"Beta," I say quickly.

"Don't you have to train in school?" He asks.

"Yes, Alpha Asher," I say. "I was top of my class."

"Number one; Just call me Asher. Number two, if you think I need a strong luna, you are top of your class, doesn't that make you strong? you are beautiful and I could not ask anything more for a mate." he says.

I was speechless. I did not know what to say. No one has ever touched my heart more than he just did.

"You can stay in my pack until you decide on what you want to do." he offers.

Rayne jumped in my head at the thought of us staying close together.

"Thank you," I say, accepting his offer.

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