"When can she leave?" Alpha Asher asks the doctor. I think her name is Dr. Jones.

"After you sign this paperwork," she says, handing him a clipboard and a pen. He scans through the paper and doesn't write anything.

"What is your name Angel?" He asks. I realise that I only his name because he is the strongest Alpha but he does not know my name. My wolf jumped in my head when he called us mate.

"Miranda Kerry," I say. He writes a few things down on the pages Then asks about my age, then my birth parents' names. He hands Dr. Jones back the clipboard and then lets us leave.

"The pack house is down this pathway." he points. "But our house is further down."

"I am going to be staying with you?" I ask in surprise. "I can stay in the pack house. I do not mind." He growls when I say that.

"Mine." He growls.

"I was just offering. I do not want to be in the way." I say, trying to calm his wolf down.

"No. You are mine and you will stay with me."

"I can stay with you too," I say as we continue walking towards his house. His eyes flash back to his blue eyes.

"So do you have any siblings?" I ask.

"Yeah, I have a brother. He is two years younger than me. You?"

"I have a little brother."

I felt comfortable talking with him. I usually do not talk much around people I do not know. As we passed the pack house, there was a house a little bit smaller than the pack house but it was way more expensive. I scanned the house, looking for one thing; A garden. In front of the house, there were flower beds surrounding the side of the house.

"You have a garden!" I smile looking at him. He laughs and nods. I feel the blood rushing to my face in embarrassment and I look away.

"My mum used to care for the flowers then she got into cooking. You can use the garden for whatever you like." He says.

"Really?" I asked getting excited.

"Yeah. Feel free to do anything." I smile and think of all the things I could do. Alpha Asher opens the door and the interior was beautiful. I gasp in shock. I look up and the carvings In the ceiling were intricate.

"I had this house built a few years ago." He says continuing to walk up the stairs.

"Alpha Asher, it is very beautiful!" I compliment.

He growls, "Do not call me Alpha Asher. Just call me Asher. We are equals as mates."

"Sorry, Alp- Asher." I correct myself. He took a deep breath and calm himself down. He walked down the hallway and into a room. When we walked in, Asher's scent was all over the room.

"This is his room," I tell my wolf.

"This is my room. You can stay in here or in a guest room," he says. I look around the room and my eyes land on a picture. I walked to the table it was on and look at it. There was a beautiful red head girl with perfect blue eyes. I heard Asher say something but I wasn't listening to whatever he was saying. My only thought was that she was his girlfriend or wife.

Rayne whimpers at the thought of our mate having a relationship.

"That is my first mate, Brooke," he says breaking me from my thoughts.

"I met her a few years ago. She was human. I met her the day that she died." A part of me felt happy that he was not with anyone else but another part of me felt sad that he had to go through all that.

"She was in a car crash with her boyfriend. I was in the streets, coming back from a rogue attack on the border and the other was a large crash. My wolf pushed me to go check it out and I saw my mate bloody and cut up from the impact of the accident. There was a strong smell of alcohol. I became depressed for a few months, then brody, my beta pulled me out of it. He would do things to distract me like sparring with me to get my anger out."

"I am sorry," I whisper feeling bad that he had to tell me.

"It is okay." He tells me. cupping my cheek with his hand. I look up at him and smile. I felt safe with him. I do not want to go back to my old pack. I want to stay here.

"Can I stay in the guest room for now?" I ask.

"Whatever you want Angel." he smiles. No one calls me pet names except Bella but the only thing that she calls me is darling. He leads me to a room right across from his.

"My room is right across from yours if you need anything," he says.

"I do not have any clothes," I whisper.

"I can get one of my omegas to buy you some. I just need you to write down your sizes," he says.

"Okay, I will do it later. What time is it?" I ask.

"9: 47 PM. Are you hungry?" he asks me.

"Kind of," I say fiddling with my fingers. He nods his head and leads me to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and it was packed with all sorts of things.

"Do you want pasta?" he asks looking inside the fridge.

"Sure," I say sitting on the barstool on the island. He started making pasta and talking to me.

"What do you want to ask me? You can ask me anything."

"Are the stories true?" I ask immediately. The stories of Aloha Asher torturing his pack and any trespasser. The stories of him overworking his warriors and elite wolves. The Scarlett Park torture chambers. These stories were told to us when we were very little to teach us not to run away and get caught by them. Look where I am now.

"Most of them. About the torture Chambers. The torture chambers are meant for traitors and rogues. But I do not starve and torture my pack. I would risk my life for them. I care for my ack but other packs can not know that. They would take advantage of that."

"Where did you get that scar?" I ask pointing to his arm.

There was a large line down his left arm.

"I got this when the yellow crescent pack attacked our pack when my dad was still Alpha," he says continuing to make the Alpha.

"When you were 16?" I gasp.

"Yeah," he says lowly.

The story of his dad was known throughout the world. He was one of the greatest Alphas to ever live. He died protecting his luna. Asher's mom.

"The Alpha of the yellow crescent pack used a silver knife and dragged it down my arm," he explains.

"He used River against his very own fellow wolf?" I say shocked. The details of the pack war were private to other packs.

"Yeah. I killed him though for what he did to my father," he says pouring the pasta and sauce on two plates. He grabbed the forks and the cheese and sat down next to me. I grabbed a handful of cheese and pour it on my pasta and I took a bite.

"This is so good!" I moan in delight.

I am glad that you like it." he laughs.


"I do not have anything to sleep in," I say. I had been wearing an omega's cloth for the day.

"Here," Asher says taking off his shirt and tossing it to me.

"We smell like him!" my wolf says. I slipped it on and it stopped at my knees.

"I will be across the hall if you need anything just call me," he says. "Good night." whispers and leaves.

I get in bed and turn off the lights and immediately fell asleep.


I was in silver handcuffs hung up on the wall.

"Why is the silver or wolfsbane not working on her?" someone growls.

"Look after birth mark. it is protecting her." another mystery voice says.

I have a birth mark on my shoulder in the shape of a crescent moon. I thought it was just a random birth mark.

"We need to get rid of it." I heard the first round growl. Then there was a loud bang.

End of Flashback.

I woke up to a piercing scream. Then I realised it was mine. My breathing was heavy and there was sweat down my face. The door flung open and Asher came running to me.

"Ate you okay? Are you hurt?" he asks. looking for any harm all over my body.

"I had a nightmare," I said tears streaming down my face.

"Shh. it is okay," he says putting my head in the crook of his neck. He puts one arm on my head and the other arm on my back.

"It is okay. Just breathe." I take a deep breath. Asher's scent calms me and my wolf down.

"I am okay." I choke out between cries trying to pull away.

"Do not move," he says to get me to stop moving. He holds me until I am able to control my tears. His touch was comforting enough to make me sleep again.

Alpha Asher's POV.

I heard Miranda's heart beat even out, letting me know that she is fast asleep. My wolf loves the fact that our mate fell asleep in our arm. I slowly pick up bridal style and carry her over to my room. I gently lay her on the bed. I turn off the lamp and lay next to her. She starts to stir but I put my arm around her waist. She started to return back to sleep.

"Good night Angel," I whisper. The moon Goddess blessed us both with second chance mates.

I could not ask for a better one. I kiss her temple and fall asleep.

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