I woke up in a familiar room but not the one I fell asleep in. The memories came flooding back from last night. I was in Asher's room. I looked over my shoulder and no one was there. I felt the spot where the blanket was not covering. It was warm. Someone was there just a while ago. My guess is that it was Asher. The bathroom four swings open and he walks out.

"I have to pack work today. I will not be back till later tonight. Stay in the house. Mind link me or brody if you need anything. There are two guards in the front and two at the back." he says distantly.

My wolf notices this and she whines lightly. Does he realise that I am not in his pack? I can not mind linking.

"We just met him yesterday. Do not be quick to judge." I remind her.

"I will send a maid to hp you with your needs," he says then walks out.

I sigh. I thought he would be nicer today. Maybe it is because of my outburst last night. Maybe he does not want me anymore like Tyler didn't. My wolf let out a soft whine. I walk towards the kitchen and open the fridge. I take out the bottle of orange juice and pour out a glass. I walk around the large Alpha's house. I come across a room with double doors. I cautiously open the door and it opens up to a beautiful library. There were shelves that lined the walls. It looked right out of the beauty and the beast library. There were sections for every genre. I walk around observing the books still sipping my Orange Juice. There were old and fairly new books.

'I wonder if he has harry potter?' I ask my wolf. I did not get a response from her. I think she was still mad at Tyler and Asher. I sigh and realised that I was really lonely and now my wolf was hiding somewhere only the moon goddess knows.

"Luna?" I heard from behind. I jump in fright almost slipping my Orange Juice. I turn around and see an old last standing there.

"I am sorry luna. I did not mean to scare you." she apologizes.

"Are you the maid Asher sent for?" I ask politely.

"Yes, luna." she nods.

"Do not call me luna. My name is Miranda." I smile.

"Yes, lu-Miranda." she quickly corrects herself. She should be around the age of 50. She had this motherly aura.

"What is your name?" I asked taking another sip of my drink.

"Charlotte Montgomery, lu- Miranda." she corrects herself again.

"You are brody's mom?" I ask surprised.

"Yes ma'am," she says. it felt weird hearing someone old enough to be my mother call me 'ma'am'

"You do not have to be that formal with me. You are way older than me. it feels really weird."

She nods. "Are you hungry?" padding me out of the kitchen. I notice some art hanging on the wall. I did not notice it at first while walking down here.

"Yes, I am starving." I laugh.

"Would you like pancakes?" she asks looking in the pantry.


"MIRANDA GET YO ASS DOWN HERE!" I hear Bella's voice from downstairs. I wince since my sensitive hearing was not helpful in this situation.

"Young lady, language." my mum scolded her. I snicker a little and start walking downstairs.

"I heard Miranda," Bella says. I roll my eyes and walk into the kitchen.

"Here take your pancakes," he says as pancakes come flying towards my head.

"Bella!" my mum and I shout at her. We all burst into laughter. My mum sighs, "What am I going to do with y'all?"

I pick the pancakes off the floor and hurl them back at Bella.


"Miranda?" I gear a voice and it snapped me back to reality.

"Huh? oh yeah. pancakes are fine." I tell Charlotte. She gives me a soft smile and starts to make the better.

"Can you put Nutella in the middle?" I ask while watching her.

"Sure," she says taking the Nutella off the counter.

She starts to pour the batter into the pan then put the Nutella in the centre then she flips it. After doing it three more times, she puts them on the plate and put blueberries on too and hands them to me. She grabs the bottle of syrup and places it next to the plate.

"Thank you, Charlotte," I say pouring the syrup on top of my pancakes. I start to eat and notice that Charlotte was not eating.

"Are you not going to eat?" I ask her.

"I eat at the pack house. it is still early for me," she explains.

"Are you sure? You can eat here." I offer. I felt bad eating in front of her. She made me food but she has not eaten anything yet.

"I am sure. Lu- Miranda." She smiles I felt comfortable around her. She had the feeling my mom gave off. I heard the front door close from the other side of the house. perks of being a werewolf. I smelt a strong familiar scent closer.

"Miranda?" I hear Brody's voice

"I am in the kitchen," I reply to him. I hear his footsteps approach the kitchen.

"Hey mom." he greets Charlotte and hugs her.

"I just wanted to check up on you," he says facing me. He said he wanted to check up on me but a part of me felt like Asher sent him here. Brody is a beta. He does not have time to just randomly check up on people. I know that there are reports of rogue attacks. I heard Tyler talking about them a few days ago. He talks about endless paper work. The Scarlet Moon Pack should definitely have more paper work.

"Can I call you Mimi? Miranda is just so long and tiring to say. He laughs making an excuse to call me Mimi. I had a big brother feeling towards him. I sometimes wish I had a big brother. If I had a big brother maybe he would protect me from my wicked father.

"Sure." I laugh rolling my eyes.

"I am going to steal Mimi for a while," Brody says waving me to follow him. We come to a room that looks like a lounge room.

"Do you want to play 20 questions?" He asks. I looked at him with a dumbfounded look on my face. He looked back at me with seriousness plastered on his face.


'What are you all doing now?' Asher asks in our mind link. Mimi looks at me with pure confusion.

'I do not know why you can not just do this by yourself. She is your mate.' I sigh back to him. 'She is confused.'

"Don't you have a lot of paper work?" She asks. I actually do but Asher told me to find out information. Apparently, he can not get close to her. He got a threat from the rogues.

'you should watch out for your mate. The

more you know, the more she will suffer for

your decisions. She already dealt with it once.

We miss her scent near us. You do not want it to

happen again. Watch your back.'

There was no signature or context. We assumed that it was rogues. But it could be her old pack. We have heard from other packs that her old pack has been calling around to see if she stumbled into their pack. We still haven't gotten a call but I think they are going to call us last. We are known for not letting strangers into our backs. Asher is already very protective over her that he will go as far as ignoring her just to keep her safe. I told him he was very stupid but he will never listen to me.

"Yeah, but I really want to get to know our future luna," I smirk. I know Asher has not talked to her about that yet but almost everyone in the pack knows already. Asher made a big announcement that any unmated mates were to stay away from her. That was also very stupid because she is not allowed to leave the house.

"Okay," she said suspiciously. "What is your favourite colour?"

"Red." "What is your favourite food?" I ask.

"Spaghetti." she smiles.

'Is she talking?' Asher asks. 'Yes. Now, stop pestering me. I am doing this for you, you know?' I say then block my mind link.

I really do not mind talking to Mimi. She seems like a person I could become great friends with.

"Uhm... Have you found your mate?" she asks.

"No. She has not shown up yet." I smile. I have not really been looking for her. If she shows up, I will be the happiest man but I really do not mind waiting.

"Do you have any siblings?"

"Yes, I have a little brother. I have a best friend who I like to think of as a sister I never really had. Her name is Bella." She smiles.

"Wait. Bella Christine?" I asked. I was that name sounded so familiar. Bella? Oh from Beta camp. She was a very strong, feisty lady.

"Yeah?" she said confirming my thoughts.

"I went to Beta camp with her," I say.

"Really?" she said getting all excited. "Are you the Brody Montgomery that she was always talking about?"

"I wouldn't be surprised." I laugh.

"She told him the stories of how you all ranked everyone." She laughs.

"Did she tell you about the prank with the oil and the feathers?" I laugh remembering that prank.

"Yes." She laughs and we stay like that laughing and talking about the good old days.

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