"So what's your story? How did you become gamma of the most powerful pack in the continent?" I ask Jacob.

"Well, I grew up with Asher and Brody. Our moms were friends and we were inseparable. As we grew older nothing changed and when Alpha Derek died we helped him get through it," He


"Have you found your mate yet?" I ask. When I mention mate his eyes soften.

"I had a mate. I mean I still do but she left me for someone else. They're in Europe now travelling their world," He says.

"As long as she's happy then that's all I need to know to keep my wolf at bay."

"But she's your mate doesn't it hurt you and your wolf that she's with another man?" I ask. It's strange that he's happy for her knowing she's not with him.

"When I turned 18, I wanted to find my mate and make her happy. If that means that I have to let her go with someone else and she's happy I'm okay with that. Maybe I'll find someone else someday," He sighs. I want him to. He would

treat her well and take care of her.

"So Miranda what do you want to do?" He asks leaning back in his chair.

"Am I allowed outside of the pack house?" I ask. I know that Asher doesn't want me outside because he doesn't want unmatted males looking at me even though his house was separated from the others.

"No from Asher's orders," he says. "Sorry."

"It's fine," I sigh.

"What did you want to do?" He asks.

"I wanted to use the garden that surrounds this house," I say.

When I first got here, he said that I could use it.

"Give me a second let me ask him." He looks like he spaced out so I assumed he mind linked him.

'Mates wolf is calling for us,' my wolf suddenly says.

"Wait, Asher? I ask her


'No Tyler,' she says. I was shocked. He didn't want us when we left and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want us still. He had so many other girls to pick from but I think his wolf still knows who his mate really is. I haven't really given much thought to him.

'Tell him to back off I said deciding my response.

l already did,' she says. There were snaps in front of my face that snapped me out of my conversation with my wolf.

"Asher said that you can go out into the garden with my supervision," He informs me. I give him a big smile and immediately stand up.

I walk back into Asher's house sweaty and tired from all the work I did.

"I'm going to take a shower real quick," I tell Jacob.

"Okay. What would you like for dinner?" He asks before I get into my room.

"'Surprise me," I say then lock myself in my room. I sigh and fling myself on my bed. I spent the day pulling weeds out of the garden and putting fresh dirt for the flowers I want to plant. I grab a towel off the top shelf of the rack in my bathroom and take a nice hot bath.

I walk out and take a pair of short shorts and a loose tank top. I quickly braid my damp hair and walk out of my room.

The aroma of chicken and carrots fills the kitchen.

"I made chicken soup," Jacob says when he feels my presence. I walk up to the island and sit on the bar stool.

"Do you need help with anything?" I ask. I get up from my seat and walk to the fridge.

"Yeah, can you bring out the bowls out of the cabinet please?"

He asks. I take the orange juice out and place it on the counter. I walk over to the cabinet and stand on my toes to reach the bowls. I grab two spoons and lay them out beside the pot he was making the soup in.

"Here," I said pushing it towards him. He smiled in thanks and poured the soup into the bowls. He handed me the first one and l set it on the counter. I took out a glass and poured two glasses of orange juice on for Jacob and me. I sit back down and start eating. After he poured his soup he sat down next to me.

"Do you think Asher hates me?" l ask him. The last time he spoke directly spoke to me was when he was leaving the other morning.

"Why would you think that?" He says shocked.

"The last time he talked to me he sounded pissed off at me and he hasn't said a word to me since," I said all in one breath. After, I took in a deep breath. I had built up anger these two days because of all of the things happening.

"Give him time. He has a lot on his plate and now that he found his second chance mate 4 years after the death of his first one," he says taking a sip out of his cup.

I heard a knock on the door as I was reading Harry Potter in my room. My heart sped up. Maybe it was Asher? His familiar sweet scent wasn't there.

"Miranda?" I heard Jacob's voice call out from outside the door. I sigh and put a piece of paper as my bookmark in my book and push myself off the bed. I open the door and meet his face.

"Asher should be here soon so I'm going to take off" he lightly smiles. I nod and give him a quick side hug. All of a sudden hear a low and deep growl from behind us. I turned my head and see Asher.

My heart skips a beat but then it goes back to

normal and my face is replaced by a scowl on my face.

"Don't you dare get jealous," I growl back. "How DARE YOU! You haven't said a word to me since that day your left for your Alpha duties. You've made me feel like crap since then.

You can't even look at me right now," I said throwing my hands in the air. I was on the verge of crying I tried to hold it in but l couldn't. I'm emotionally and mentally drained from these past few days and couldn't handle it anymore. I

stormed my way to my room and slammed my door.

"Great going man," I heard Jacob say to Asher using my werewolf hearing.

"Whatever just go run the border with Brody," I heard Asher sigh then slam his door.

After a few hours of trying to sleep, I decided to go on a walk to clear my mind.


I run with Brody by my side along the border of the pack.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma there's a rogue wandering around the wolves, one of the warriors' voices say through our mind link.

'Kill them. Why do you need to ask me? Asher's voice says back. He sounded annoyed.

'Sorry Alpha,' he apologizes and closes the mind link.

'Go find the rogue now, my wolf pushes. I was about to ask why but then he took over and immediately went into the woods looking for her.

Within the first few minutes, I saw the

warrior and saw Miranda. I saw him creep closer to her going for her neck even though she's in human form. I let out a loud growl and jumped at the warrior.

'Back down now, I growl when I have his attention.

'Why she's a rouge, he talked back.

'She's your future Luna, I said and then he submitted. I left him and shifted back. I was about to go up to her but I stopped when I saw Asher. I looked to the side and saw his house in the distance. He must have seen what was happening.

"Are you okay?" He asks her looking for injuries.

"I'm fine," she says shoving him away. She dusts her clothes off and starts to walk back to his house.

"You won't get near my mate unless you have clothes on," Asher says then walks off.

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