Strangest Wedding Ever!

Chris returned to his room, a displeased look on his face.

There were always matters arising of the House that he had to attend to. 

Being a leader was tiring.

He swiped his card across the door and it opened with a ding.

As he had suspected, his one night stand was gone. He checked his drawers only to see that his gold wristwatch was still there. 

He frowned.

She didn't take it?

But why didn't she? 

Most of the woman he had brought up to his apartment had always stolen something from him.

It was his way to trap them. He would always leave something of value at different places, and when they take it, he would track them down and have them do whatever bidding he planned. 

He shut the drawers.

Then someone stepped in and he looked up to see that it was his best friend. 

"She is gone?" Jett asked, unlike Chris, he was already dressed in his black suit.

"What do you think?" 

Jett smiled. "I was hoping to catch her, considering the fact that she had also boldy shown interest in me yesterday night."

"Because she thought I didn't want her." Chris stated flatly and Jett shrugged, then he stepped forward putting his suit by the side of the bed. 

"Get ready, they are waiting."

Chris fell to the bed, sighing, then he stood up abruptly.

"I must find her."

"What?! She took something form you? She hadn't seemed like the type."

"She didn't."

Jett frowned. 

"Then just leave her alone. She didn't take anything from you, she doesn't deserve to be punished. Focus on the wedding instead, you know how important it is to all the Houses, to all of us."

Chris chuckled, then added sarcastically. "Of course, the Houses. I keep forgetting that."

Jett shook his head and smiled.

"Just hurry up, okay?" With that, he left.

Chris picked up the suit, a small smile on his face as he looked out through the window.

From up here, he could see almost everything. 

Then, he looked down, some distance close to the club.

There was a black car packed some distance away from the club, a man was outside the car, a phone pressed to his ears as he looked around in observation, like as if he was searching for someone. 

Chris shook his head. 

These types of scenes were endless here.

Anyways that was none of his business, his only business right now was the wedding.

And oh, how he wished it wasn't.


The walk down the aisle felt like the longest moments of Ivy's life, it dragged on and on till she finally got to the alter.

While she did her walk, she had tried to look at both sides to find her parents but the church was huge and there were too many people. 

Ivy took solace in the fact that her dress was amazing, her make up was flawless and the church was quite glamorous.

Whoseover her groom was, he was bathing in money.

She had noticed though that not a single member of the crowd had a smile on their faces.

She couldn't blame them, maybe they already knew the reason for the wedding. 

Maybe someone here, in the crowd, was a jealous ex, overprotective family or worse, a crazy ex wife! 

She wouldn't even know. 

This 'rich groom' of hers better have enough bodyguards to protect her from all of those. Running on heels, while avoiding bullets and sharp knives didn't really form a good picture in her mind, nor one that she was keen on recreating.


Anyways, she was finally at the alter and all she had to say was 'I do'. 

Well, if she would be getting married to all these wealth, then maybe getting married wasn't so bad after all. Whoseover he turned out to be, she would use the money as a compensation.

As long as he wasn't a old grandpa.

That was when she noticed something though. 

Where was the groom?

Where the groom should be standing, there was no one there. 

The man with the scar on his face, Girald? That should be his name. That annoying woman had referred to him as Girald, so he should be Girald.

Girald and some other suited fellows that were behind him, came up to the alter. 

Was her groom Girald?

She chuckled in her head.


Girald said something to the priest and he nodded. 

Then Girald stepped away, bringing back with him, a laptop.

The Priest cleared his throat. "The groom is here, let the ceremony begin."

Groom where? Groom who? What Groom?!

Ivy squinted her eyes to see who the groom was but the screen of the laptop was just an automatic plain profile image.

This was absolutely ridiculous!

Was her groom trying to get married through a call?!

And not just that, a voice call!

What type of wedding was this?!

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