Die Looking Beautiful

At that moment, Girald busted in, looking a little tense for the first time.

"Hellooo?" She threw her free hand in the air dramatically, gesturing to her half naked state. "Knock kno--" 

"You are not Viky Laridga." He stated flatly, his eyes brewing with anger.


"Cease her."

Bodyguards immediately rushed in, snatching the phone away from her while trapping her hand painfully behind her back.

"What is the meaning of this?! Do you know who I am?! My lawyers will be seeing your lawyers in court because of this!"

"Exactly." Girald took a step forward. "Who are you?"

"Ivy Romina Rominnez." She answered threateningly, a bit of sassiness in her tone. "Search it up."

"Wrong answer." 


Girald titled his blad head to a side, signalling to the bodyguards who still had her confined in their painful grips. 

Next thing she knew, a mask was thrown over her head, they dragged her out of the room, down the stairs, into another room. By the time they pulled the mask off, she was staring into blinding white light, in an almost empty room, chained up to one of the wall with turtore equipments littered all over.

"Woohooho. I'll cooperate. I swear, I'll cooperate." The words quickly tumbled out of her mouth. The thought of losing any of her body parts to their insanity that was going on right now, didn't seem like a good picture.

Even the metallic smell of this place, just like torture!


"Good. I will ask again, who are you?"

Tears rushed down her face and she sobbed loudly. 

"I already told you. Ivy Ro--"

"Are you a spy for one of the Houses?" Girald asked, moving closer, a knife in his hand.

She started breathing heavily, her eyes on the sharp blade.

"This has got to be some sort of mistake! I'm no spy. Look at me, do I even look like I'm capable?"

Girald stopped, took a quick look at her and a sought of doubt flashed in his eyes.


"You don't look it, makes you even all the more capable."

"Oh my God, this cannot be happening to me." She muttered underneath her breath.

"Who. Are. You.?" Girald asked tightly, inching the knife towards her.

"No! No! No!" She tried to move her head away as far as possible. "Not the face! Please, getting rid of scarring will cost me and I'm not that affluent right now."

"Your life is the one at stake here, intruder, set your priorities right."

"I have my priorities right!" 

Girald leveled the knife against her throat and she stilled. 

"You think you'll go scott free with killing me. They will find you."

"Don't bother about that. We will be sending your packaged slaughtered body to them ourselves."

Something about the way he said it made her realize that he meant every word. Her heart dropped, her facade started crumbling as she realized how much mess she was in.

If only she hadn't gone for that one night stand?! Then she would have gone home on time, married the right groom. Although, sadly,  she would have missed out on the ecstatic experience with Handsome Man but whatever it was that would have been waiting for her would certainly be better than this.

Why did she have to get caught up in their mess? She wasn't even a bad person!

"H-how about we... just all calm down and talk about this huh, we--" she paused, suddenly remembering the conversation she had been having with her mother before they busted in. "Oh my God!" She gasped. 

"Ready to talk?"

"I am not the bride for your Master."

"Obviously." Girald replied, the knife still leveled against her throat.

"No, you don't understand. My wedding was also today but there was a mix up and it's your fault."

"The bride we were supposed to pick, was logged into the hotel next to the club we found you standing in front of. We asked if you were the bride and you said you were. You came willing to the Temple..."

"Willingly?" She scoffed but Girald continued like she hadn't spoken.

"Because you are a spy and it was all part of the plan of the House you are working for. A stupid plan, if I might say, because how on earth do you think we wouldn't find out?"

"Maybe because this is not a plan but a mistake."

"So maybe this is simply a distraction while the House you are working for, perform some treacherous activities against the Master."

"House that I'm working--? Can you just search up my name online or something? Can you just let me go, this is all a mis--"

"Now tell me, what House are you working for and what are their plans?" Girald replied, not buying into her explanation as he pressed the knife further up against her neck. "Fang? Fur? Wings? Speak!"

She felt blood run down her neck and she started shouting.

"Don't kill me! DON'T KILL ME, PLEASE! I had a wedding today and there was a mix up--"

The door flung open at that moment, with his eyes still trained on her, Girald said.


"The report reaching me is that there are no suspicious activities ongoing from any of the Houses right now."

"And on this intruder?"

"She is telling the truth, Boss. She was supposed to be in another wedding today. The one filling the headlines."

Girald eyes widened a little in surprise and Ivy's heart raced. 

So she was the Lorenzo's bride? The news headline was her business after all.


"We made a mistake, Boss, we picked up the wrong bride."

"You see..." She said between choked tears as he withdrew the knife away from her neck. "Can you just please let me go?"

Girald immediately gestured to the bodyguards who came to her aid, freeing her from the chains, attending to the small cut on her neck, while helping her into a big jacket to cover up herself.

"Well, this mistake might cost us our lives. You all have 30 seconds to make your peace." He announced.

Immediately, the bodyguards started dailing away on their phones, calling their loved ones.

"Can I just go back home now? I promise, I won't press any charges, my lips are sealed. We should be able to dissolve this marriage somehow--"

"Time's up!" Girald announced and they all put their phones away.

He walked over to a laptop by the table, one she hadn't even noticed before and flipped it open.

The whole room was silent while the now familiar voice boom from the laptop once again. Unlike while they were in the church though, his voice still sounded just as authoritative but with a sought of threateningly anger rumbling beneath it.

"I heard I married the wrong bride." There was a click, the voice of a man begging for his life then a gunshot. Ivy almost jumped in her seat, terrified by the bang. She looked around to see fear in all their eyes. Even Girald looked terrified. 

This didn't look good.

There was silence before the her 'husband's' voice boomed from the laptop again. 

"Tell me, Girald, how did that even happen?"

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