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"Master, I---"

The voice of another person rambling for her life, then a bang of a gun interrupted him.

"I'm too busy for any situation going on over there right now."

There was a ding from the laptop, signifying the arrival of a mail.

"Fix it."

The line went dead and immediately Girald turned to her, walking intently with the laptop in his hand.

Ivy started scurrying away, almost falling from the chair.

"I won't press charges, I already said I wouldn't. There will be a peaceful annulment, I won't ask for anything, I swear. Please don't kill me."

Unlike before, she wasn't worried about her face. The cut on her neck still hurt terribly, and she didn't want to imagine how badly it would hurt, if he decided to carve a larger cut.

"I will not kill you." He sat down on a chair in front of her. "Yet." He added and she gulped.

"Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Just let me go."

"Desperate? Good." He turned the laptop towards her so that she was staring at the screen. "The Master has s
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