Let the Hiding Pro Max Begin!


This mustn't be happening right now.

She saw them approaching quickly but she knew she was not ready to face Handso--Chris or even the situation that her and her best friend might just have fancied the same man!

"Hi, umh, where is the exit?"

The waiter immediately eyed her table, seeing the wine and wondering if she was trying to run from 'a bill gone wrong' situation.

"I don't know if this is right but I have to get out of here fast." Ivy flipped opened her purse and handed her some bills. "For the wine. So now, where is the exit?"

The waiter eyes lit up immediately.

"Ex situation." He mumbled underneath her breath. "Quickly, it's around here."

He said, leading her outside in no time.

She played along, telling him how her non existent ex had some stalker tendencies and temper issues.

Non existent because Ivy wasn't one to believe that there was anything such as an ex. A man could either be yours or not, it didn't matter if he was in the past.

So no one was her ex and she w
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