Kiss Don't Tell

"You won't believe what happened on my way here. So many chocolates and flowers are still in the car but--" she paused, giving her a one over, "A receptionist?! Are you kidding m--Chris!"

She flung her arms around him and he held her in a warm embrace.

"Hello, Amryelsa."

Ivy's eyes widened at that.

He calls her full name?! Wow! A lot of wows.

These two must really be an item and if not, then they were probably really close to it by a few steps.

Ivy felt like an absolute unneeded piece in this lovey-dovey moment.

Could she just disappear?

"What are you doing here? I thought you said you had a meeting." Elsa said, sounding the most caring and careful that Ivy had every heard her sound before.

That meant that she cared about how he viewed her and Elsa had never really given a damn about that before.

Once again, could she just disappear?

"I just finished the meeting." He guestutered over to the table some distance away. "I was just standing here to make a reservation for tomorrow. Matt
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