Chapter 32 - Hi, It's Danger Again.

She scrolled up but that was the last one.

Ivy blinked her tears away.

She really felt lucky to have a Father like him, same with her Mother.

They loved her, she knew. Their ways might be different or difficult, respectively, but they did love her.

Just like Elsa did.

She loved her differently but it was still love nevertheless. Elsa never really knew the best way to express love, she didn't have a lot of people that did the same to her while growing up, because of that, most of time, Elsa's ways of taking one for the team were always greatly flawed and sometimes, selfish.

She pulled the pillow closer, remembering that her friend was down there fighting for her life.

"Please, survive this."

She knew that her situation with Chris was still mixed up and in a way he was already initiating that they were together, but she wasn't going to think about that.

"We have to go to CorDavo together. I bet there are sexy greek gods there too. This time around, we won't pick the same guy."

Then sh
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