Chapter 33 - Something Is Wrong With Bestie

She went into the room immediately.

Trying to make sure that creepy Butler doesn't sneak up on her as usual.

But what she saw made her heart race with fear and shock.

The bed. It was empty!

Where was Elsa?!

Damn that Butler! Where had he taken her friend?!

But her thought screech to an halt, when she heard the door, the one linking to the glassroom Elsa had been, pushed open suddenly.

"I--vy?" A frail voice called out to her.

Ivy turned around to see that it was Elsa. She was leaning heavily by the door, looking absolutely drained and the wires attached to her body were already yanked out.

She was no longer in a dress but a blue gown that looked like the ones patient wore in a hospital.

Damn! They had really put so much efforts into fooling her. That made her feel lesser of a fool, but a fool still!

"Elsa? Oh my goodness, Elsa!" She ran over to her, pulling her closer, making Elsa lean against her instead.

"You are alive! Alive!" She declared in a contained whisper.


Note - I apologize for the delayed update. I was feeling a little under the weather, but I'm much better now. Thank your patience and support.

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