Chapter 39 - Monthly Punishment Served



Doesn't exist.

Those and more were the words that confronted her during her search.

She had chuckled in her head at them.

If only they knew.

She had also found some things about the way the vampires were. Some she had remembered a time or two that she could have noticed, and others she immediately knew weren't true.

The search results said that they were cold-blooded, couldn't walk under sunlight because it would burn them down to ashes, and many other things that even she knew couldn't possibly be true.

The cold-blooded one though, she believed. She had been close to Chris on many occasions and he had felt cold against her skin. Silly of her, she had given it many reasonable excuses in the past.

But then again, how was she supposed to have reasoned that he was just the cold one?

Then what about the time she had tried to help Elsa out of the room immediately when she had woken up?

Could it because she was hun-thirsty?


She sighed in her head, scrolling down and re
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