Chapter 43 - Advice? Stay Vampire Clean

Knowing what she was to him and knowing that she now had a choice must have done it.

Knowing that whatever step she would take, would determine the totality of her life placed a heavy weight on her mind.

She was thinking of what would happen if she decided to be with him and what would happen if she decided not to.

Her marriage with her mysterious husband didn't bother her at all while thinking about the decision to go along with.

It was already stated in the contract that she should live a single life, which meant being unbothered about any unnecessary commitment towards Mr. Mystery.

What she was truly bothered about was if she was ready to get roped into a supernatural world for the rest of her life.

Was she ready to leave this world that she already knew?

Was she ready to give it up?

He had talked about the supernatural world having its risks too, was she ready to face that?

Was she ready for her problems to switch from the thoughts of parties, cars and fashion to whatever it
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