Chapter 45 - Not Suspicious At All!

As promised, Elsa was doing all the work in the world for them to get back to how they used to be, and they were getting there, slowly and steady but it was still progress.

Elsa spent a lot of time around but she was always having to leave in-between conversations to answer her phone calls, send back emails or text back messages. Ivy assumed that whatever work Jett was always doing, some had now been shifted on her best friend and that was what she always had to do on the phone, so to Ivy, this was absolutely normal.

"I'm sorry about that," Elsa said setting her phone back on the table before leaning back in the sofa.

Today was different, instead of going out to party, they both decided to stay in watch a Romcom.

Ivy could not be more grateful that her job wasn't a real job - no, it was real! She couldn't be more grateful that her job was created majorly for her and her sudden disappearance from the workplace wouldn't affect anyone, also she would go unpenalized.

That sounded spoiled,
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