Chapter 48 - A Storm Is Promised

He stood up slowly, pulling her to her feet along with him.

"I did," he said with a smile. "How could I not?"

That was another thing about risky text, some are just worth the risk.

After that, they settled down and they had dinner, talking about how their relationship that had finally began would proceed from there on.

Chris was very intentional about about how human he wanted it, and how that was how it would have been if she hadn't found out so quickly. He didn't want to rush her into another world that she might not be fully prepared for, and she understood, appreciating the fact that he cared.

She was kind of intrigued though and interested at what his way and his world would be like, but she was still trying to get use to everything and like he had said, maybe it was best bit to rush it.

This also meant that for now, he would be keeping her away from the meeting, the Houses she had heard snippets about and most things about the vampires.

This once again, he said, was for the be
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