54. Hot as Hell


I lifted her bridal style, carrying her back to Westerfell. Not many were around, save the guards standing on duty. Neither of us cared for our surroundings as we made our way toward our cabin. A place that we had spent time together only fleetingly, but a place that held some of the best memories we had together.

I kicked the door shut behind me, turning the lock in the key before I carried her to the bedroom. Pulling back the top layer that may have collected dust and placing her down, turning one of the lanterns on.

I wanted to see her tonight… properly…

The dim light cast a glow around the room, and she smiled softly up at me as I slowly pulled my tunic off, tossing it aside.

Her eyes raked over my body, her heart thundering.

I could see the love in her eyes, the desire and anticipation as she propped herself onto her elbows. Reaching up with her leg, she ran her foot over my cock, which was already semi-hard at just the fucking thought of fucking her.

Removing my sho
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Whew! So hot!
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Sizzling! Bravo Muse!

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