55. A Decision at Court


Three Weeks Later…

Three weeks had passed since that night. I took the throne and became the Alpha Queen of Astalion by default.

The last few weeks had been a blur of work. Not only were there things to do within Astalion, but there was so much to work out with the other kingdoms and how we would go from here.

The foremost was the funeral of our fallen heroes, the victims of Theoden’s actions. The Kingdom was in mourning for three days, and until those days were up and everyone was buried with full honours, there was no merriment.

The fallen sirens, nagas and fae were also engraved on the memorial stone in the courtyard of the temple of Selene, for they died for this kingdom and fought bravely alongside us for our people.

After the funerals, the next job was making peace between the sirens and nagas. Something that went well enough. Despite the fact the two species will never mix, they came to an agreement, and the Naran empire broke down their dams, letting the water th
Moonlight Muse

We are so close to the end it feels bittersweet (wipes her tears)

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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
one is tempting darkness she's on book two and Luna on the run I stole the alpha's sons if yhu haven't read them already..
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
I was jush about to put that but yea and if so why not check out another author in the meantime her name is Jessica Hall if yhu haven't heard of her already I've read about 10 of her books I'm currently reading two that's like Muse back and forth
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Carol Green Gibson
Why, read the entire alpha series! Lolol. If you already have, like me, pray for a 2’nd(technically 3’rd, I guess) in this series by the amazing Moonlight Muse. :)

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