56. About the Future


Three hours had passed, and we had just showered after a very sizzling few rounds of sex. I had put some roast chicken and vegetables in the oven that would be done soon, and I was slipping on a black silk nightdress that reached mid-thigh. I sat in front of the vanity mirror, opening Mom’s jewellery box. The few remaining items that I had managed to salvage were all here, along with the amulet that belonged to Theon’s mother.

I had been given it by one of the omegas who were doing a thorough clean of the castle and had found it in his old room, but I hadn't managed to find the right time to return it to Theon. I know it belonged to the Obsidian Shadow pack and was a painful reminder of the wrongs that stained that pack, but it had also been his mother’s.

I shut the jewellery box, clutching the necklace in my hand, as I walked out into the main room. The room was glowing with the warm lights of the lanterns, and two windows were open. With summer approaching, the weather w
Moonlight Muse


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goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t want to keep reading because I don’t want it to end 🥹. Moonlight Muse is one of my favorite authors, and this has been one of my favorite books (probably right next to Kind Alejandro ...)
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Francis M Torres
This chapter gave me tears
goodnovel comment avatar
Grayson was a sweet man I’m glad he learned the truth before he died

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