60. Epilogue Part 2


He was home. He came back to me.

His lips met my neck in a deep kiss, and I could feel every muscle in his body tense as he controlled himself from ravishing me. His kisses became hungrier as I forced myself to turn in his arms. I looked up at the man I had so dearly missed. Our eyes locked, his a blazing mix of oranges and golds met my own, my emotions making my hands shake as I cupped his face.

"You’re home."

"I'm home."

He smiled faintly, before our lips met in a deep, passionate kiss. A kiss that made my knees give way, and if he wasn’t holding me, I would have fallen. The prickles of his short beard tickled my chin. The minty taste of his mouth and his scent devoured me, just as his lips dominated mine, kissing me hard and rough. He lifted me entirely from the ground, and I wrapped my legs around his waist as I kissed him back hungrily. He pushed me against the wall, slipping his tongue into my mouth like a man starved for far too long.

I moaned helplessly, my core
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Renee Kuska
This was an excellent book!! I’ve read everything of yours here and the way you write makes me feel like I’m in the story. Thank you!
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Lisa Marie Wolf-Eckstein
Great books
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Nicky Esparon
Absolutely amazing. Is there another book? Never a dull moment. So much action and lots of fun. Well written ...

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