Author's Note

Thank you for reading this book, and once again, I appreciate all the love, support, and kind words that everyone has given me. For the patience and trust you had in me with this story.

This has been the darkest story I have written, and Theon was a character who was not meant to be just a hero. He had committed sins, some of which will forever remain. Yileyna, our innocent yet naughty Yileyna, where do I start? She was a young girl who, in a way, was infatuated with Theon, unable to see anything more than the love she felt for him. They both grew, both changed for the better, and only then were they able to truly be with one another.

I am happy that I was able to pen this book the way I had envisioned it.


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Many people have asked me on my page whether there will be sequels to this book, and all I will say is, Kaeladia holds so much potential and who knows what the future may hold.

My Alpha’s Betrayal, My Alpha’s Retribution will come to print and k1ndle at a later date. Follow me on I G on author.muse for release dates.

Also on print this book will have two books, and book 2 - My Alpha's Retribution—will have Yileyna in her siren form! My designer is working on it, and so far, she looks stunning!

You can see so many more visuals of the characters and clothing etc on my pages, so definitely give me a follow.


Going forward, books that are non-ex will continue to be serialised as non-ex and exclusive book sequels will remain exclusive as getting exclusives on k1ndle is very hard. Hence, I will make the sequel to The Alpha King’s Possession one of the three exclusives that I will give the platform next year! I know many people were waiting for this book, and I apologise for the repeated delays on this book.

In place of it, the next book coming to GoodNovel is ‘His Dark Obsession’. It is another standalone and will run alongside Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire. I will do a cover reveal before the release on my pages. Stay tuned!


All my books will come to print at some point, both non-exclusive and exclusive.

Currently, the following three are in print.

Her Forbidden Alpha

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

Her Destined Alpha


The next books to come to print will be:

His Caged Princess

My Alpha’s Betrayal: Burning in the Flames of his Vengeance

My Alpha’s Retribution: Rising from the Ashes of his Vengeance


All my work is listed below and can be found on GoodNovel!


Book 1 - Her Forbidden Alpha

Book 2 - Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

Book 3- Her Destined Alpha

Book 4- Caged Between The Beta & Alpha

Book 5- King Alejandro: The Return of Her Cold-Hearted Alpha


THE ROSSI LEGACIES: (The spin-off series to the Alpha series)

Book 1 - Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire (Ongoing)

Book 2 – Skyla Rossi’s story

Book 3 – Kataleya Rossi’s story.



Book 1 - The Alpha King’s Possession (Completed)

Book 2 – Coming 2023

Book 3 - Release date unconfirmed.



His Caged Princess (Completed)

Mr. CEO, Please Marry My Mommy (Completed)

His Dark Obsession – Coming soon

Thank you once again – Love Moonlight Muse (aka The Evil Cliffhanger Queen! Muhahaha)

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Laura Lastrucci
I love the story & love your writing!
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Love!! Couldn’t put this story down
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Loved it! When can we read My Alphas Retribution?
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