Prime Minister, I Love You
Prime Minister, I Love You
Author: Đài Hà

Chap 1: Reincarnation

Adela felt a force that was pulling her back little by little. The legs lost their balance, and the body fell freely into a bottomless pit.

The darkness gradually came to cover her entire body, and a vague fear was slowly rising in her heart, for some reason, but this time, Adela had the feeling that she would forever be trapped in this scene.


Outside the dark clouds stretched to cover the whole sky, and each lightning bolt was struck, adding to the gloomy and lonely appearance of this Adam villa. A very fast rain fell, each raindrop falling on the foliage created a crackling sound, thunderous thunder, mixed in with the rain was a mournful, heartbreaking cry.

The man's demon-like back was imprinted on the white wall, and he frantically whipped the woman below with a whip. The servants around could only surreptitiously pray for that ill-fated woman, blame her for being greedy for money and marrying into this Miller family, to a pervert and violent man.

The wind howled through the crack in the door, in the dark, the man's eyes shone with a strange glint.

Adela saw the light gradually glimmer in the space, but the first thing she felt after waking up was pain! Very painful! The pain is like tearing the flesh, penetrating the heart. Adela can also feel very clearly the helplessness, mixed with fear from deep within the owner of this body.


The whip was gripped by Adela, Bernie Miller tried to get the whip back from her hand but all efforts were in vain. Her slender fingers clenched, the backs of her hands covered in blue veins. In a moment of inattention, Bernie suffered  Adela's kick, her leg strength was very strong, and directly lifted this damn man.

Bernie struggled to get up from the floor, his face darkened, his eyes filled with bloodstains.

"Ha, that's great! You don’t wanna live, do you? Okay, let me satisfy you."

Bernie once again rushed towards her, but now she didn't have the strength to resist. The body was tired, and the eyelids were glued together. Adela sank into an endless slumber, letting Bernie frantically torture her body.

Each whip, each whip hit Adela's slender back, crimson blood gushed out and dyed the white dress red. Bernie was like a madman who lost his mind, he considered her as a sandbag and freely vented his anger, with a satisfied smile on his lips.

"Hold on."

A muffled voice came from behind Bernie, his arm froze in midair, in an instant all his mind was awakened.

Bernie slowly turned around, he looked at the man in front of him, smiled heartily, and looked very humble.

"Dad, what are you doing here? Quickly, come back..."

Finn looked at him with cold eyes. He glanced at the maid next to him with a signal.

The maid knew what he meant, so she ran to check on Adela's body.

"Mr. Miller, She is unconscious."

"Um, call an ambulance."

The words were spoken so casually, without any care, as if he was just saying what to eat today or what clothes to wear tomorrow. Completely unconcerned with Adela's life, the words "call an ambulance" is just a symbolic word, anyway, he has already called an ambulance, life or death both depends on her.

The maids looked at each other, their eyes full of sympathy, mixed with pity and regret. How unlucky a woman must be to marry into such a cold-blooded family?

"Tick... Tick... Tick..."

A series of aching sounds kept hovering around Scarlet's ears, eyelids fluttered slightly, and big almond eyes opened wide. The amber human pair reflected the pale yellow sunlight, the pupils dilated, and the heartbeat gradually recovered. She finally felt the breath of life, her chest heaved up and down, and Scarlet greedily inhaled to give her an abundant vitality, but she suddenly realized that something was not right.

The blue patient uniform immediately caught Scarlet's eyes, the smell of disinfectant was so strong that it hurt his brain. Her gaze moved slowly and finally landed on the mirror opposite.

“Who… is this woman?”

Scarlet reached out her hand to touch her body, feeling the warm body heat transmitted through her skin, this feeling is completely real! This is Scarlet in flesh and blood, not her dream anymore.

What the hell happened? Where's her crown?

"Anselm! I want to go back! Quickly bring me back."

Scarlet looked for a long time at the woman in the mirror, with delicate eyebrows, white, smooth skin, full of spring colors. Especially the eyes, big round almond eyes, very lively. To evaluate this beauty, she can only use one word "excellent".

It didn't seem too bad, with this lively face, compared to her previous stiff appearance, it was truly a new land. Scarlet is very satisfied with her current body, but… Has she been reincarnated? Reincarnated in her previous life?

Scarlet's head ached, and a large number of strange memories rushed into her mind, each image running through her head like a movie.

The life from birth to death is visible in front of her eyes, her scalp aching, she closes her eyes tightly, her long jewel-like knuckles tighten in her hair, the skin of her face shrinks. . Darkness came once more, deep in it was the great flood, what she was about to suffer.

Through the transparent glass, Bernie silently watched Scarlet's every move. He looked for a long time at the woman who was sleeping soundly on the hospital bed, the golden sunlight by the window illuminated a corner of her face, her porcelain white skin seemed to be inlaid with a layer of silver. He couldn't help but stare at her for a bit longer.

“How is she?”

Finn's stern voice rang in his ears.

Luc Minh turned his head, facing him was Finn's tense face. He's a bit suspicious. 

“Is he worried about Scarlet?”- Bernie thought

But Finn's next sentence completely overturned his thoughts.

“I don't care how you torture her. But remember, she absolutely cannot die in this Miller family."

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