Chapter 2

The grand hall is the highest point in the whole of Boki's temple and believed to be built in the middle. It stood tall on layers of bricks and stones over twenty metres off the ground. It was mostly used for training sessions. I was sure no one would be in it taking the steps two are a time I hurry to the spacious hall the doors were open wide, empty like I expected.

Looking through the wooden windows I spot pa's silver robe, he was heading towards the forest he suddenly stops scanning his environment certained no one followed him he vanished

I knew Pa like the back of my hand, he must have suspected I would follow him and I had no desire to prove him wrong. I knew the out house he was heading to there were a few out houses on the island.

Boki's temple as they called it was built on a small island, it's a place where "gifted" wolves came to explore the extent of their powers. The students here were able to control an element of positive energy, it was also my home; I've been here most of my life.

Heading to the exit not giving it much thought I jump over fifty stairs landing roughly on the ground even with my fast werewolf healing ability the pain hurt like hell truly it wasn't my first time jumping and I'm pretty sure it isn't going to be my last

"Ehmmm!" Someone coughs behind me

Fuck! I utter internally I should have known there was no way I would go completely undetected.

Planting the nicest fake smile I could manage I turned around it was a guard a different one from the one pa spoked to earlier the red and pale yellow uniform was the difference between them and the students. His steady black eyes watched her closely patiently waiting for an explanation to her stunt; he didn't look gullible, surprised or impressed.

"Just practicing my jumps" i say giving a light chuckle

"Hmmmmm" he raises a brow not believing it his mouth twitches like he was about to say something but decided against it he gives a strange look rolls his eyes then leaves quietly.

Pa is definitely going to hear about this but that was the last thing on mind I had to find out what Alpha Zenon wants from Pa for him to come in person places the situation a kind of urgency my curiosity was peaked and my restless mind won't be at peace till I get to an answer, asking pa was a hopeless option so a few jumps,leaps,lies would have to get the job done like they said you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

I wasn't taking anymore chances I stepped back just by the side of the stairs that sunlight couldn't breached

"Repbisni ti emirale" I say in my mind it was a cloaking spell that hide both my scent and appearance I would need it going to the out house my body tingled a sign the spell worked

I quickly morph into my wolf form then dash towards the forest. The outhouse was quite a distance, if I had gone with human speed I would have been exhausted by the time I got there.

Just like I suspected the east coast wing out house there were two guards stationed just outside entrance the only trace they were inside,the doors and windows were all closed I transformed back into my human form my body tingled I'm not sure how long the cloaking spell could hold as I walked carefully avoiding sticks and leaves anything on the ground that could make a sound as I head towards the back of the building as the front was guarded the back was empty I hear light whispers I walk closer to the window as I try to make sense of what was being said whatever they were saying they clearly didn't want anyone else to know made my being here more thrilling.

"I'm here pleading as a father not a king there has to be a solution these are critical times for my position he's my only son and I don't intend on having another one please you are my last hope there has to be a way" the desperation in his voice was clear he must be clearly shaken by whatever had happened.

"My king it aches me more than it does you knowing I can't be of help to you this is by no means a small situation it cannot be undone you just have to leave him here I'll have to examine him and hope he recovers" Pa replies

"I need more than that from you if the legend was correct the elders found a cure"

"Huhhh!" I gasp loudly realizing the mistake I just made my breath seizes as their voices go quiet

"Finding a cure for one can endanger lives of many" Pa continues my chest heaves as I relax they might have not heard it. how could I have made such a slip maybe I should g…

"If this thing is already out here the lives of many is already at risk" the king states firmly

"Logically speaking yes but I have to warn you my Lord the consequences are on you black magic is not something to be tampered with!" I hear pa say so loudly it was like he was inside my head the words kept echoing like I was separated from my body I feel my head hit the ground as I'm pulled into the darkness

The tile cold underneath me

"What happened" I hear myself say as my throbbing head matches my heart beats as I remember the last thing I hear.

"You like climbing stairs huh!?" Of course it was inevitable nothing got passed pa he was behind this, we were in the grand hall he was sitting on a mat in a meditation position his eyes closed legs intertwined with fingers crossed resting on the side of his legs.

"Well here's your opportunity to keep practicing your jumps" he says but I can see the mockery and he was enjoying it as a slight smile play on his lips he couldn't possibly mean what I think he did.

"What are you waiting for start" I jump from the floor as painful Sparks courses through my body he was dead serious.

"Don't make me zap you again there's more from where that came from" i hurry towards the entrance like I said a few jumps, leaps and now laps.

"Start already" his voice blares as another painful wave of electricity buzzes through me. I hurry rushing down the stairs but not with as much energy as I climb back up,gravity my good friend!

"Keep it up your doing well" he says with no hint of amusement

I turn around and go three more times I climb back with aching limbs

"I'm sorry pa" I pleaded as I bent to my knees I was exhausted!

"Few hours ago you could easily climb those same steps where's your enthusiasm now"

"Please pa I won't do it again" another shock wave goes through me I shiver as I rise to my feet how long can he be able to do this

"Oh I could do this all day" he says answering my unspoken question I haven't seen him open his eyes all this time

"Continue!" Another wave hits no matter how much I take a new one still hurt like hell I take a deep breath then went down again

"Grandpa I'm tired please" I cry falling flat on the ground I was panting like a wild animal my whole body ached why didn't I just go home like I was instructed to I clean my face with my gown which was already soaked I was tired,in pain, exhausted dehydrated name it

After a while I realized Pa hasn't responded I haven't felt a shock wave six laps now looking in his direction he was in deep meditation I've seen him in this state before but I had to check for sure. I quietly crawl to him waving my hand in front of his face

"Pa" I say softly "ouch!" I yelp in pain pulling my hand back.

"I think you've learned your lesson I need no disturbance head back to your quarters immediately!" he states sternly

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