Chapter 4

"Uhhhh" I gasped awake,I was sweating profusely and breathing heavily. It was just a dream I say trying to calm my nerves, I was running mad one sight at that I haven't been able to be at ease, I could still see those dead eyes how he moved his neck,the unnatural sound it made like his bone snapped in half he looked dead and considerably should be buried yet he was moribund.

I regret greatly returning back to that room, I walk out of my sheets then head to my bathroom.

The water sprouted out from the tap then I poured water on my face aiming for it to calm my nerves.

It would dawn soon I had barely gotten any sleep. I'll definitely look a mess tomorrow looking up to the mirror to check.

"Fuck!" I scream and stumble backwards falling to the hard floor, panic courses through me, holding my head in my shaking hands; my face was replaced with Cyrus' lifeless one. I definitely won't be able to sleep after this, I was going to need a spell.

The morning comes I am a mess the spell was only able to shut my eyes but not enough to drive away the nightmares that plague my mind, I kept tossing and turning all night the proof in my drenched in sweat sheets, messy hair and a face of someone who had seen a ghost that wasn't far from the truth I had seen something close if not worse, would these walls ever feel normal again?

With every turn or door I walk through fear grips me of what could be lurking behind when I am fully aware I am completely alone, still my mind play these tricks on me, I could die of insanity!

The only time I was able to relax was when I took a long warm bath, it took part of the edge off but only a little.

Afterr wearing a black T-shirt, black trousers and blue sneakers I grabbed a blue jacket then decided to go for a ride my wolf was also weak she howls in negative we should just stay home but I snarl at her my mind was pushed to the brink I could snap if I stayed in this house any longer.

"Abhinavi! Navi!" I called out, I flinched a little when she nuzzled my leg such a good girl crouching down I scooped her in my hands, stroking her lovely brown fur.

Navi is a fox but she's just not any feline; she's a cerumen shape shifter; she can take any form of animal, Her kind had gone extinct.

She was the last one, she chose me as her keeper and she's currently my best friend and when my wolf was down she was my ride ,she had the ability to understand human language but cannot communicate back.

"Navi I need a pretty horse let's go for a ride through the forest after stroking her one last time I stepped back so she could change to my favorite form

A friesian horse,such a beaut.

I slide my hand through her mane. She was a beautiful brown horse and gave a satisfying neigh in return.

"Okay girl" I said climbing on her "Gidi up!"

The warm fresh air hits me immediately as she rides smoothly which I breathe in greedily to clear my head,

Navi was doing a beautiful job keeping my thoughts at bay riding, vigorously through the thick forest.

I needed this distraction, needed this diversion, mentally I was drained and for a moment I wondered if these mind games was worth raising an alarm to pa but ultimately I decide against it,

I may just be going through a faze and fear of how he would react, seemingly this is all my fault; returning back after strictly warned against it.

"Navi!!" I yell gripping her mane she almost threw me off her back if I didn't hold on tight I would have fallen.

"Steady girl" I coax she was acting reckless leaping uncontrollably at a spot, she wasn't a wild horse so what got her acting strange I ponder.

It wasn't just her I noticed while trying to hold on to Navi , I kept trying to control my hair which the wind messed up . The whole forest was acting up and that's when I see him standing up front with on all black attire a hood covering his face and his head bowed .

From one glance at him I had this gut feeling something was wrong ,my wolf howls instinctively having a sudden desire to protect me .

Was this some big joke ? The whole atmosphere was screaming a bad aura!

Navi!!! I screamed as she jumped as much as I tried I couldn't hold on tight enough ended up falling on my side the sharp pain erupted through my body on impact but my eyes never left where he stood .

Something was definitely wrong! Something that I couldn't quite put my finger on but at the same time certain off, something that made my brows furrow ,my eyes widened as realization hit me the wind has no effect on him.

He's clothes stays steady as the violent wind shook even the trees, I gulp suddenly I couldn't find my voice.

He snap his head upwards towards my direction but his face was still hidden , he swiftly moves towards my direction .

"NO!" I scream out my lungs crawling backwards but I couldn't go far as huge tree blocked me from moving futher

"Don't you dare come near me ! " I screamed terrified. He gained on me as I backed up on the large tree,I tried getting to my feet but the excruciating pain in my ribs made it hard .

Coming head to head with me ,he stops I couldn't believe my eyes there was no one a black mist that was impossible I blinked hoping I was dreaming

Suddenly he blows up in a cloud of pitch black smoke then am pulled to the darkness Protection Status