Chapter 1

    I’ve been wishing to see the world end… but why do I felt this way now I see it for myself?

Running as if my life depends on it, every alley and corner I turned into, I tried my best not to slip and get caught. Hah, it seems like I would pass out due to exhaustion any time soon! 

Never once in my life did I run away like this! Damn it!

With this fat body of mine, surely there is no hope! How can a shut in person like me can even do running in laps. I thought that I was strong a while ago but it seems like I was just over reacting.


'No no no noooo they will catch up on me shit!'

Why did I even come in this situation in the first place!?

What the fuckin  hell!!




A sudden stuck of horror suddenly run up to my skin as I jolt sitting on my bed from my deep slumber. I can never deny how worried I felt after seeing such sight.

“What was that for?”

I mumbled slightly ruining the style of my hair. Surely, there was a bed hair on it. But even so, It didn’t let me be bothered. 

To think that I can experience such thing… I didn’t even imagined it. Hah… What a scary nightmare . I dreamed that the game was shut close. Hah, lucky that was just a nightmare. If so… that would be real bad.

Laughing at what I just thought, I tried to cheer myself up even just for a bit.

Standing up so happily as I know it was just a nightmare, my body was left frozen as stone for the result that my eyes saw after I open my computer was still the same as the result I saw in my dreams...

So that wasn't a dream? That isn't the case?

“I think… I need some water”

Looking at the corner of my room, I saw nothing but an empty pile of water bottles. Even the tumbler that I owned was open empty. There was no water to be seen on it. 

Hah, I have no waters left in my room. Maybe I shall get some from the kitchen?

Closing my eyes I felt the feeling of slacking off.

“hev ho”

Saying those words just after yawning, I collected myself to stand up and went out. I feel heavy thought but what else can I do? That is how my life is. 

A sudden change of emotion fall upon me.

What should I do now?

My room was basically the basement of our house. I choose it for myself, after all, I hate seeing people. In here, every corner are closed. Well, except for the fact that there are tiny ventilation that was installed. Enough for me to breathe. Enough for me to live my life in here for quite a long time.

Smelling something funny, my forehead suddenly arched frowning. 

“What the?”

I almost cursed as I saw how there was a big light that was enough from me to think that this place was ripped open. But just like what I thought… my door to the outside of my room was wrecked gone. If not for the pile of who know what kind of thing it is, blocking my path, then… my room would be completely open. 

“What the hell is that??”

Cursing as my forehead frowns, it leave me no choice as nothing change on the scenery that I just saw. 

Slapping my face, I thought that I was still dreaming. Still, what I got is a pain enough for me to learn that I am not in a dream and this is not an illusion of sort.

Did someone demolish our house? We are not in debt right?

Taking a gaze on the outside, it seems so weird. Looking at the old watch on my wrist, it was late afternoon. Almost the time for employees to get back home. Maybe that is why the whole sky was having that color. But… the way it was dark like that, it was weird… yeah, really really weird...

No, the very moment my door disappeared, it was already weird!

Putting my arm on the small space, I tried to push away the large plywood that was hindering me from going out. It was heavy, seems like something was covering it from the top. 

'What the, can't this thing disappear already?!?! What a headache!'

Suddenly, the sound of my stomach rumbling was heard. I am not just thirsty for I am also hungry. Hah…. I need to get out of here as quickly as possible to get food.


Surprised by how sudden that thing moves, I almost let myself be taken from it's fall.

“Was I this strong?“

Mumbling those thoughts, I can even seem to believe on it. Maybe that was just so light which makes me feel easy to remove it.

'Let us not mind it for now. There are more important matters to discuss'

Right, that thing isn't even on par with my problem right at this moment.

”Why is our house like this??!“

The sky that can be seen wide open, The ground that was in a total mess, things around me fully wreacked to fragments, just what the fucking hell happened to the earth??

Looking at the furnitures, none of them even survive. The refrigerator that was placed in the kitchen, it was crumbled disfigured. 

“Who… what in the world did this?“

 It looks just like the game I always play- what am I thinking?

This is impossible. It is far beyond my imagination. Never once in my life did I think that this is capable to happen in reality 

 With full of thoughts on my mind, I can’t help but look around analyze  the things that are happening in front of me. Everything is in mess. All the furniture are smashed into pieces. I can barely say that this is even a home, it looks just like those buildings that was hit by the apocalypse.

Wait… apocalypse 



This must be some kind of a joke if I may say. A sound of plate crushing was heard. It was from the cabinet that was hanging, it seems like it lose its screw which led those utensils to lost their balance. Trying to analyze the real reason on why this kind of thing is happening, I was lost in the idea that even I myself is in danger. 

“ What the whole maker crab shrimp shark!!”

I jolt in surprises as I saw a sight of a creature that is flying in the air. Almost loosing my balance due to shock, it's shadow can be seen covering the whole place of where I was standing. There, right before my eyes I saw the creature that was once told to be extinct.

Yes indeed, it is a dragon. There… living and breathing in flesh. A real dragon whose having a wide wings that makes him fly high up in the air.

“Woah… that… was… a… dragon…”

Hah..  a dragon... in this kind of this kind of city...

Being amazed by what I saw I didn't realize how this is not the time for me to be amazed about such things. That this kind of thing can kill a human in an instant. Yes, indeed, it was a terrible disaster. For sure it would be a threat for me, no, not just me but also for this whole world where people are all living in peace.

Little did I know that this kind of thing isn't the whole scenery, but just a glimpse of a gigantic disaster that is yet to come.

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