Chapter 3

[Ding: Notification (3)]

[Day 1 Quest: Would you like to see it?]

What was that sound? I arched my forehead as I feel how my head seems to hit some hard thing. Where am I? 

 Asking myself as I see nothing but darkness, as soon as I open my eyes, my vision seems to be blurry. 

Sniff sniff


And what was that smell?

I winced after thinking how nasty is smells. Dude, it smells like a rotten flesh—

Wait, now that I realized it… my whole body feel strange. It is as if… I am soaked in some slimy thingy object.

Opening my eyes as wipe my face using the corner of my finger, luckily,  it wasn't soaked in whatever it may be.

And there, I saw a sight that makes me feel unrealistic.  It was all… green and blue. I am soaked in a slimy thing that seems to be a snot or saliva… 

Ahh, gross

The only light that makes me see was the strange blue like object that was sinked in the pink flesh wall. 

“Where the hell am I?“

I asked but to my surprise,  my leg seems to be missing.

Why did I say so?

I am fat. Basically fat that my feet looks swollen but that feet that I can see was far from what my feet looks like. 


Wait, did I land on a human and is now on top of that person? What if I killed him due to that?!? Am I a killer now??!

Looking down, I saw no human as such other than me.


If so… where is my feet?

Trying to move my feet, I saw how the finger tips of the feet started to move.


My eyes widened in surprise. 

I then shout as I saw how my belly looks so flat. 

Putting my hand on my stomach, every fats that was there just now was completely…

“U- E- Ahhhhh!!“

Suddenly arching back, my hand also looks different!  Moving it back and forth, my eyes widened about how my body looks like. 

The whole place was a mess. It is like some sort of place where all the things in junkshop can be seen. Standing up, it makes me do it so easy. 

“Weird… my body feels light”

I mumbled jumping my whole body as I strangely feels like I gain back my old body. That athletic body I have when I was in highschool. Chuckling to myself,  I was surprised when I finally notice a thing that is popping in front of my eyes. There is also a small cross sign on the top left of it.

[Ding: Notification (3)]

[Day 1 Quest: Would you like to open and see it?]

“What... was this?“

I then asked with a questioning look as it looks strangely familiar. Putting my hands on the air, it pass through that hologram. But as soon as I touched the screen who have the button of the notification thing, it opened three new tabs.


I was left awe at some point. Isn't  that so incredible at some point?

“What was that?“

I was surprised and joyously click the first notification. 

[Notification: The world had end but it wasn't the end of everything, it is a new beginning.]

What was that even supposed to say? Confused on what is really happening,  I open the two remaining notifications.

[Wai- Hewoo! Welcome to IKINOBIRU. Yippie! I am your personal assistant. Ask question and I will answer it. But, that is if you have enough harto.  To call me, just say my name and I will surely came. Bye bye!]

[Notification: Personal Information. Would you like to see? Yes or No]

I then click yes but for some reason, there was a notice saying that…

[Warning: Current level doesn't meet the requirements to have access in this area]

Standing still, I can't probably sit down in that mushy slimy thing, can I? The fact that my feet was soaked under it already makes me feel weird in the first place. 

“Personal Assistant huh… how should I call it again?“

Speaking the name of that thing 



[Hewoo, I am your personal assistant. Wai, how may I help you?]

A small creature that looks similar to a Halloween ghost for kids show up. But… the features looks just like the panda. Weird.. it also have black volt horn and tails. But the face looks exactly like what a panda is. 

“Wai.. Where am I? Why am I here?“

[You currently have a total of 80 harto. Each question would deduct five of it. Would you still want to ask that two questions? Yes or No]

Weird… it makes me feel like I really seen this somewhere before. 

A memory flash in my mind. How can I forget about this?


I then remembered how the notification states things as that. Does it mean the game that I was playing all the time? 


I answered as I wanted to know where exactly I am and why am I here.

[Ten harto was deducted.  You only have 70 harto in total. For the question of where you are, you are inside the belly of a great whale piranha. For the second question why you are here, after falling in the dump tunnel, you fall unconscious and was brought together with the waste that was automatically desposed on the water. With that, the great whale piranha swallowed you together with the other trashes and garbages]

Closing my eyes, I tried ro recall the last memories I have. The world is peaceful. That was for sure. But… the way things are happening… how I was chased by the dinosaurs… how I was swallowed by this great whale pirahna…

“I am inside that game??- no… the game… wasn't having a world like this. But… maybe the game… fall in this world…”

Remembering that very same announcement that it made the last time I opened the game… 

[Dear Player, the journey sure is long. We do hope that you have fun in your adventure. Behold, the fun doesn't meet its end. It was just starting.]

I was left silent… thinking how this world seems to really be a form just like the game. Clicking the small cross button, it shows the other information just like the Day 1 Quest. 

[Day 1 Quest: Would you like to see it?]

I open it and click yes to see what was in there.

Day 1 Quest: A list of to do task that must be done before the day ends. Not finishing it would lead to a punishment. 

»Do 100 push ups (0/100)

«Do 100 sit ups (0/100)

Bonus: Get out of the Great Whale Piranha's belly (Time left: 2:30:12)

Rewards will be given after the task have been accomplished. For the bonus quest, no punishment will be given if it wasn't accomplished. Although, bonus rewards would be given if the player accomplished it.

I then gulp with what I saw. If it was really just like the game of IKINOBIRU, I mustn't let myself experience that punishment.  Being a player of it for over years… the punishment in the first part of the game is what I hate the most.

Even if I don't really know what is happening…

Avoiding getting punishment,  that is my goal for now!

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