Chapter 5

[You: are going to purchase the poison king's dagger. It cost 150 harto. Would you like to buy it?]

It makes me wanna cry. I only have 170 harto but it was needed! If I won't use it then who knows who would use it when I died inside this great whale Piranha's stomach!

“Y— yes!“

[Purchase complete…]

I want to cry… I want to cry…

In an instant, the dagger was now on my hands. There is no use of crying tho. Running around as I tried to find where his heart was located. It was hiding behind layers of the thick fleshes. 

“Tch, now how am I going to kill that thing?!“

If it was the game on my computer and if my level is still that high, maybe it would be an easy peasy for me. But…

I was furious.  Having no idea how this thing would end up, I almost lost on my thoughts.  It makes my whole body be swayed.

With this whole place moving, I then remembered. 

“It says I must get out, not that I should kill this…”

Smirking I jumped in the very close stomach wall of this creature. Smiling so big, I wonder how I would look like but who cares, I am more than happy to be free at last.

The venom in the poison king's dagger, one bit of it would make you feel like a thousand or even millions of small things are biting you at once. 

Looking around, I saw Wai and pick him up. He was just floating in there. Who would think of the solution if somehow he was left in here? 

And before I can even think of any other thing, this creature started to get irritated. 

That was good. Be irritated and let out all of this things inside you. Cutting and piercing the dagger on my hand in every flesh of him that I can reach, I smirk not realizing how much I would go through just to get out of that hole together with other things inside.


Someone's  POV

What the heck is with this life? 

Honestly, I am not sure why this kind of thing has happening but the moment that they began to appear… it was as if I already know what I must do. It was just if it was fated for me to encounter. Indeed, it was weird but that's seems to be the case.

Another sound was heard coming from afar. I wonder why it was something in a me that is urging my feet to walk to that place. Looking back, I can see that there is nothing left for me to stay.  

Everything was destroyed. Everything was completely shattered into pieces. It was also clear that the place was quiet yet there was strange noise coming from different places but still… I find it weird that I can't see other people around.  It was as if every single person in here just disappeared.

I wonder where they are. Those people that have been chatting with me just a while ago… I then let go of that thought as I know for sure that I can have no answer if I just think for myself. 

My feet then move on its own as I started to walk running to that direction. Weird… but… I somehow felt like grabbing something. 

The then grab the first that I saw. It was a pipe that looks like a rod. Swaying it, it was strange…. So strange but I don't feel like using it which is why I just threw it on the side. 

I wanted to grab something but i'm not sure about what I should grab. It is frustrating but I just run and run towards where the noise came from. How funny of me but I don't feel any fear to anything that I might see.


I almost trip from a small rock that was placed on that side. I wonder why it was there… it almost made me lost my balance but luckily I just stand still and my eyes met something.  It was as if it was meant for me to see.

It was…  something that I saw that doesn't let me get out of the thoughts of how strange it was. It is as if I saw something that really belongs to me. It was as if I saw something that was created just for me to use… again with this kind of feeling… I wonder why I felt like this. 

Ever since this morning, I feel like there was something strange that would happen. I feel like something would come and change things. 

Even I find it weird at some point. It makes me feel like something was going to change how this world works. It was indeed  weird and not to lie but even my classmates that was around me find me weird at some point. 

And then this kind of thing happened. I wonder why but it seems to be the case. Grabbing the hilt of the sword that I saw, It was being stucked on the ground. 

But still, I easily picked it up with no sweats at all.  

”Well, am I this—“

Before I can even have the chance to finish my word, a unknown thing charge into me for who know whatever reason it have. But before that wild thing hurt me… I already cut him in half.

I can feel how my body moves as if I am used in doing this kind of thing .  It is not normal for me to act like this… a normal person like me who would encounter this kind of fate… that really make me feel lost in thought that in my case. 

Instead of feeling fear… I feel like it was something that makes me feel you so powerful in fact. Closing my eyes, I almost attract a danger for myself. If it wasn't for my mere guess that some creature was running towards my direction …  from my back.

The sound of the leaves falling, the wind gushin as it blended with the sound of the silence…

If somehow I didn't notice it… who knows maybe I am already dead by now. Even so… I can't help but wonder why can I easily cut this thing into pieces. 

It was as if… it is something that I have done before.

So strange…


I then heard that weird sound. Following the sound I encountered lots of creature just like the first one that I saw. Based on their features… Somehow… I can't help but classified them as dinosaurs.  

Isn't it just a myth of sort? For it to appear in this kind of place… Weird… but each time that I kill those monsters, I feel like there is something that was in my body. It was weird on how I think that each time that I kill those dinosaurs… I would be stronger.

My thoughts about that was then disturbed when a large creature suddenly appear from the sea that was below the surface I am at. It was huge. So big. It makes the droplets of water spill form places to places. 

Somehow, it doesn't feel like it is his usual self. It is moving aggressively at some point. 

Running towards that direction, it lead me to a place that was created by woods. I arrived in no time and no sweat at all. And there I saw a beautiful sight of a creature that I have no idea of what it was.

”This is beautiful…“

The only thing that I know is that it was big. It  suddenly let out a lots of water from the inside of his body. 

Smiling, I feel like jumping to that creature at some point. 

I was about to jump at that creature but then I was stopped when something  fall from above.  It was exactly in front of me…  and his hands was holding on to the floor of where I was standing. 

Is he a person like me? But how… can he be? To land in that place perfectly…

I then pointed the sword onto his neck. With a frown on my face I said with a serious sound.

“Who are you?“

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