Chapter 6

To escape death and face another death just like this… aren't I some extra who doesn't really have any importance in this game?

So why am I facing this thing?!?! And of all people to run into? Why is it Saypher of all?!

Closing my eyes as I tried to remain calm despite of this things that happened,  I wonder if my neck would be cut in piece if I make any wrong move…

Saypher Marcus. The protagonist in this world. Having the ability and luck, he is the one that is trying to fine the end of this game. A place where answers would be given for all of his questions. He is some that that is not just handsome, but also powerful.  He would easily get his power in swift. Above all, everyone whom he fights with would eventually die. That is the power of protagonist. 

To sum it all, me being his enemy would surely make me fall in my death door in an instance.

“H-hello, a nice day it is… right?“

Despite of what I said, it was already past afternoon if I may say. The sky is reddish in fact. So how can I say it was a nice day?! Ethan you—

”Who are you?“

He stated again with his eyes full of suspicions.  Why is he targeting me? It is not as if I am a major part of this game. You should let go of trivial stuffs and face the problem that is in front of you. Go, finish this scene one and proceed to the next scene. Just like the game, don't mind the great whale piranha and fight with the blue scaled dragon!

”I am…“

What should I do? He is someone that would never let go of a person if he ask for his name…

My hand was still holding in the wooden floor that was soaking wet due to the impact I made when I fall. My are seems to be rip apart if I stay like this any longer!

Judging by how calm he looks and how there are blood on both his sword and clothes, it seems like he already fought with some dinosaurs. Surely he—

My hand suddenly slip a little fromt the wood. Tightening my grip, I almost make my nose be cut in half as his blade almost touch my nose. 


”Uhm… can… can you perhaps help me first?“

And please remove that thing that can cut a dragon in half… please…

He took back his sword. It makes me feel so great. As if a piece of sharp thing finally get out of my throat. Hah…

Before I can even have a change to celebrate,  I see myself being lift in the air as I see my feet floating up the surface.

Landing quite safely, he seems to be in the same height as me. To be treated like this, ha… am I getting bullied?

”Now that I finally helped you, state your name. Who are you and why are you here?“

Just how long will it take before that blue scaled dragon appeared? Please take him now, I don't want to be entangled with him any further….

”I just woke up falling in the air. I don't really know what is the reason why I am here and who am I…“

He frown qith my answer. He would find me more suspicious if he learned that I am someone who escaped the great whale piranha. It would also bri g me no good of he learned who I am. 

Who knows how many times he have been reincarnated in this game. But… I am also not sure if he have the memories from his past. It would be safe if I would just get out of here and go in a place that is far away from him. 

”You mean to say that you have no recollection of who you are?“

Nodding my head, I acted as if I am sure of it. He can't find out that I am lying. In the first part of the game he still don't have his ability of  truth finder. It would still be safe for me.

The sound of dripping water coming from my clothes down to the floor was heard as silence filled between us. The sound of the shore can be heard singing as the wave hits the woods. 

So how long are we going to stay like this?

”Do you have any idea of what is happening in this world?“

Surprised by his question,  I have a small idea why he suddenly ask that thing. His curiosity is killing him. He wants to find the answer for his questions. Still, just like the game, his character seems to be the same. 

”Everything was destroyed.  Creatures that aren't meant to be here suddenly appeared. People disappear with no traves at all. It was as if… it was being manipulated“

I gulp. This person in front of me is surely no joke. He is indeed the protagonist after all. For me who have knowledge about that game, compared to him who only base on his investigation and analysis, be is out of my league. 


”You still haven't seen one?“

He mean to say those dinosaurs right? In fact I already seen not just one of it. It even chase me and almost makes me pee on my pants. Of course such incident won't make me forget about it… ha ha…

But it would be good to act clueless about that.

”What do you mean to say? I don't have any idea about what you are saying.. “

In order for him to leave me alone, he must think that he would get no information about me. He must think that I have no idea nor clue about things that he wanted to know. If so, he wouldn't leave me alone.


The sound that I was eagerly waiting for came. With that, surely this guy would leave me alone. 

”What was that?!“

I exaggeratedly exclaimed. Even if the fact is I know what that thing is.

Deep inside the forest slightly far ahead south, the blue scaled dragon would show up. He would face a fatal injury if he would face it right now. In the end, he would just escape and gather strength in order for him to defeat it. While he was still on his way there, I would flee and go in the place that is the opposite of where he would go. He can't surely catch up with me by then rigth?

What a masterpiece of a plan. Surely it is the best thing to do. 

”I will go and look for it“

”But isn't it dangerous?!?“

Yes. Just like that, go there. Don't be swayed by my words. Go,

”It is you who would be exposed in danger with that attitude.  Aren't you a man? Act like one“

Somehow, I feel so bad to hear that words coming from someone who seems to be younger than me. 

But there is no way I can face him heads on. It is not like I have the power to be his rival in the first place. 

”I hope you survive“

He stated before dashing to the direction where the blue scaled dragon was waiting for him.

And so, I started to do my plan right after he disappeared on my sight. 

”I need to leave as soon as possible.  Also, I need to gather some stuffs that I would be needing“

Looking up in the sky, surely it would turn dark without me noticing it. Finding foods and necessities is a must in this kind of situation. Going to a grocery store would be a good choice. If there are no people, then surely it would be somehow easy for me to get some supplies. 

That is what I thought. But is seems like, all the lucks that I have has been taken away by that protagonist. 

”Look who is here. Acting like a hero huh? Let us see if you can beat the three of us, you old man!“

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