Chapter 8

What? A recovery potion won't heal him?

'But how come? In game it was usually like that. If you are injured and is in need of hp and stamina, you would need that to recover'

[You currently have 220 harto. Each question would cost 20 harto. Do you still want to ask it?]

'Is it worth the prize to know? It was hard to earn harto. I shall take good use of it'

But judging by how things are happening,  maybe… the reason why is because that was in game. It doesn't have the same effect when it comes to real life. Closing my eyes, I guess I can do nothing about it. 

It would be nice if there is a saint or mage who is respective when it comes to healing magic.

Looking at the state of the kid, I wonder how long will he last.

Is there really nothing else that I can do?

Checking on my notification bar, I slightly smirk as I know there is one last hope. 

“The lucky draw“

”You say something?“


The kid seems to hear my words. I must be careful next time..

Luckily,  his friend called him which makes him divert his attention out of me.  


[I am Wai your personal assistant.  How may I help you?]

It is now time for me to gamble. 

Clicking the roulette for the lucky draw, I only have one as of this moment. It would either be a small help assistant like Wai. It can be a weapon. It can be a harto. No one knows. But one thing is certain,  every first draw is a help assistant.  This is my first draw which is why… 

I have a chance!

[Congratulations! You have used your one time lucky draw! Pull the lever and the reward will go!]

Please be healing a assistant.  

Please be healing a assistant.  

Please be healing a assistant.  




”Thank you Mr. for helping me and my friend to get in this store. But with his state, it would be better if we go to the hospital now. If that is still working even in this kind of situation“

”Migo, right? It is alright.  I did no much help at all. I wish the best luck for the both of you“

”Ben, hold tight“

And with that, the both of them get out of my sight. 

It was a failure.  I didn't do any help at all. The fact that I have this knowledge about this game, about the store it provided for players… I still did nothing to help these two kids.

I need to get stronger…

I need to be better…

This kind of thing isn't enough to let me live. Surely, it would bring me to death in notime if that do happens…

After all, the game is just about to begin.

Collecting things that I might need, I almost make this store run dry. Luckily,  I have a storage inventory.  Although the capacity would be upgraded each time I succeed to make a level forward. The inventory slots would be defined by ones level. I need to level up in order to have more slots to use.

As of now. It was still useless.  I can only put ten items in there. Each time I level up, it would be double.

Letting out a sigh, I look at the creature that I pulled when I use my first lucky draw. It is just one time qhich is why I have no other choice but accept it. It would go to waste if I would decline it. But… how is it even useful?


[Master, this is the north, this is the south, this is the east, this is the west—]

”But I didn't ask any of it“

[But it is Navi's responsibility to help master in finding directions]

Closing my eyes, I don't even know this help assistant that I got. In my account for the game of IKINOBIRU, the first help assistant that I pulled is something that can help me know where the location of valuable material is. As long as it is in the vicinity of her homeland. 

”Wai, open the storage“

But to have Wai is fairly enough, I guess. As for Navi, maybe he would be good too. He looks a little cute looking like an arrow with changing color. 

[Warning, the storage capacity is full. There is no space for other item. Please remove items to make a space]

”Well, what can I expect for a level like this. Maybe I really need to level up huh. But first…“

The sound of my stomach creating a crying sound was heard. Hah…

”I really need to eat first“

Due to the things that happened,  I somehow manage to divert my attention and forgot that I am hungry. The sky is about to turn dark. I need to gather food and find shelter. Staying in this place would do me no good. It is not safe. 

Fixing the bag that I got on one of the racks on display, it contains those things that I can't put on my storage. This are small stuffs that is needed to—

Wait a minute.  Smiling on my ears I thought of something that is really a genius idea of mine. What if I put this bag in the inventory? That would make this just one item, right?

Smiling on my ears, I thought I won a lottery.  This system would surely be in good use. If they think that they can outsmart me then they belittles me. 

And there, it went inside the inventory. 

”I am a geniu— s…“

A loud banging sound was heard. Join with the clashing rocks that scattered all around. 

”What was that…“

My eyes widened in surprise as something pops in front of me. It was a notification hologram. 

[Story quest arrived. Click to open the quest]

My heart is beating so fast. Why can't I help my self to calm down. 


[A new quest arrived.  Every hardword, there is a reward to get. If you are in land, you must run or else the water will bring you the fun. Survive until the time alloted turns to zero. Timer, starts… now ]

[1:59:59 time remaining]

Why do I feels like something is not right? But first… I need to buy something to protect myself. 

”Wai, open the store. I want to buy the sacrificial sword“

[Sacrificial sword. A sword that helps user make a blast thatbis 10x his normal hit. This would only happen one time for every 25 seconds.  It cost 150 harto. You currently have 220 harto. Do you still want to purchase it?]

Letting out a sigh, it is not as if I can go on like this without any weapon. 

But wait… isn't gun more useful than sword? I always use sacrificial sword which is why I was so used in it. But, a sword for a long distance combat,  isn't it… a little useless?


Clashing sound was heard covering the place. It is no surprise that the ceiling of this place almost collapse. It was a good thing it didn't.  Or else, I would be stucked in this place. 

The first thing that I need to do

Is escape!

After making a swift escape from that place, open area… that is the place I must go— Wait no.

After Mesozoic event… the time where this game would make the player faught with dinosaurs… if my memories serves me right… it's  next event would be…

”The Paleozoic…“

And there, a cold water touches the skin of my feet. No… no… no… this is bad. This is bad. This is really really bad!!!


I shouted on top of my lungs. Why do this things always makes me run like hell?!?! Is it really that fun to see me run like this?!?

But well, in fairness.  It seems to make me be more faster than before— no, I do not have the time to think for that. I need  to go in a high place!!!

”No, no, no, there is a wall ahead!!“

'Ahhh!! Shit! This damn wall!!'


Before I can even hit the wall, a strange thing hit my stomach.  A sound of a metal thing or sort was heard hitting a metal surface.  Joined with this rope that was on my arms, I wonder where it came from

”Hey Mr!  Get in here before the water rises!!!“

A strangely familiar voice was heard calling to me. Looking at the sidw where that voice came from, there I saw Migo. The kid from a while ago. 


Before I can even ask why and how he did that, the water current is now on my knees.  Eeven Migo was running upstairs as he was located on a building that is luckily standing still despite of the things that happened. 

Holding onto the rope, I did what I can to get to the other side but since a while ago, I haven't done anything that would replenish those hp that I consumed. 

I need to fill those bars.

”Wai, buy me a recovery potion”

[Recovery potion are use to regain hp and stamina. It cost 25 harto per bottle of max hp,do you still want to purchase i—]


It would be bad for him since I didn't let him finish his words. But what can I do, it is an emergency!

[A bottle of recovery potion cost 25 harto.  You currently have 220 harto. 25 deducted,  you now have 195 harto at this moment. Recovery potion purchase complete]

Why does it have to be this slow right now?! My life is at stake… damn it!

Gulping the potion in an instant,  I can feel how good I had become after absorbing the effect of the potion I had drunk.  

With that, it became easy for me to go to the side of the building. Running as I walk on my barefoot, I tried to not slip. Luckily,  I didn't. 

”Hah, that was…“

I remarked as I catches my breathe

That was raly a tough—

”Hey you. We meet again“

Odd, why does that voice doesn't seems to come from migo?

Looking at where that voice came from, just as I thought,  it wasn't Migo who said it. But the protagonist of this game, the one that I am planning to avoid— Saypher.

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