Chapter 10


“Wow… that… was my first”

Smiling in amazement, Migo is not scared of how he kill a living creature. There was a satisfaction in his face. As if he got an achievement.

“Yes, just like that kid. Aim on their heart”

“Weird but… There was a glowing light in their body”

“Then stab those places. To be honest, I believe that Bow and arrow would be much better in you”

“Bow and arrow…”

“Yeah, but get use of that daggers. Isn't it cool to be an archer who is also good in combat?”

He is lecturing Migo, even so, Saypher didn't sweat any when he faces three of those monster at once. It hasn't been a day but his skills already accomplished those criteria to be called as strong.

“Woah, something pop up”

Migo shouted as he level up in every kill that he does.

“Now I seem to understand how this things work”

If the situation above is good, that is the opposite of what is happening on the ground below.





I mumbled his name, as I remember, I only have 45 harto with me… what can I do.
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