Chapter 12

Looking at the place where that collapsing sound was heard, we saw how Migo was sitting on the ground while a girl around his age pick up a big sword, or should I say claymore, that sinked in the corner part of the wall.

“Who was that?”

I asked looking at Saypher but what welcomes me was an empty air with no hint of Saypher being there.

What the….

Another loud thud was heard and there I saw Saypher getting in the place where the two kids was. I am amazed by the fact that this place was now clearly dry and there was no hint of it being in 'that' state yesterday.

Closing my eyes, I was slapped by the realization of how Saypher was that strong. I know that he is strong and he is someone who would become stronger as time passes by, but… the fact that he was this strong even if he haven't even reach the pinnacle nor half of his level, it was worrisome how there are much more enemies that is stronger than him

“Alright… it seems like before I can even jog around this building, I would firs
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