Chapter 13

The moment I get back from where they are, I was welcomed with a loud thud coming from something that fall on the ground. To my surprise, I almost lost my grip on the tumbler that I am holding. Luckily, my leg move on it's own making me squat and have a hold on my footings.

“And what is the meaning of this again for the second time?”

I asked my self in annoyance. The moment I give this to that brat, I will surely bid farewell to the three of them. If my memories serves me right, after Saypher save Migo, he would then meet Kheina. Being with that two kids together would just start a world war. I shouldn't let myself be affiliated with those kids.

Surviving on my own would be much better. So there would be no responsibility other than saving myself and avoiding punishments.

That is what I thought, that is what I planned to do… but…

“Why are you two following me?”

“Ah, Saypher was here too”

And when did she even call Saypher with just his name? Didn't she know how to respect those wh
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