Chapter 53

A fate that was already written on the book of your life, is there a chance for it be be rewritten even if the pen used to write is was a pen?

Perhaps… there is none…

That would be the word that cowards would say. If you want to achieve something, there are ways you can find in order to achieve it. But… if you have not much of a will in order to achieve it… there at thousands or millions and billions of reasons for you to give up

All he thing you do will always be up to you

All the path you take always depends on what path you choose

It is not about fate… it is not about what was written in your story, it is about your will to change it and carve a new path. It is up to what you would do in order for you to be remove int that path you do not want.

If the fate was written with ink an don't a pencil whom you can erase, then why not tear those pages and burn it to remove it. If you can't rewrite your fate… then wipe it out. Eliminate it and make a new story out of it…

Indeed, it is not e
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