Chapter 57

Fighting yourself may not really be your greatest fear but fighting someone whom you cherish is. The fact that you have to take the life of someone you care the most with your own hands, it would be much easier for you to kill your very self than do that kind of absurb things.

There is no way that a person can not fear a thing as that. For in human heart, there will always be a part of where we would be more glad to die in the stead of someone we adored so dearly.

“Kheina… did you not miss daddy?”

With his had wide open, he was waiting for Kheina to go and hug him but that did not happen at all.

“You… are you really my daddy?”

Asking it for multiple times, no met how much she sees it, she can never fully guarantee that it was her father.

There was something in here that know that he isn't. And to confirm it… she thought os something.

“Why are you asking me that thing Kheina? Don't you miss daddy?”

“But I miss mommy the most”

“I am hurt… you loved your mom more than me?“

Her face sudde
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