Chapter 58

There are fears that we can fight. It just takes a lot of guts in order for us to achieve it. There are times where we go face our ears on our own. And those are the times of where we already know what we should do. Those are the times on where we alresdy have a resolve in what we must do. The times on where we gather up our courage and was ready to fight.

That is to say…

Those are the fights that we have more chance to succeed at.

But that would be different if thayw wasn't the case.

“You guys…”

The person you never had the chance to protect, the person who give their life in your hand… the moment that they died thinking that you would be there running to where they are and save them… what kind of courage would you gather in order to face them?

Or would you even dare face them again?

“Guys… I'm sorry I… didn't protect you…”

Regrets… those are the things that we always remember once a thing triggered us for a certain scenario in our life that we have done mistakes.

“Sorry…. I
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