Chapter 59

Have you ever felt the horror of fighting for something you never see? As if there are threads that was making you move like a puppet?

“Now it seems like all I need to do is to fight you”

I have a piece lf information on how I can deal with this guy. Just cut his head off. That's all I need to do in order to kill him.

And that is what I must do. For me to know whether Leisya really is being controlled or not.

With the help of the weapons I had as well as my agility that I leveled up, I can say that it took me no time to be up in the air.

“How foolish of a human you are, giving me such wide opening… is that all you've got?“

With my body making it's movement, I focus my strength on my arm as I sway letting it out of my palm.

But to my surprise, he didn't even bother dodging my attacks at all. What is his deal?

Looking at how his head went flying up in the air, there is still a smile on his face

”You did a good job, brother“

That voice speaking was for sure coming from my back. Without f
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