Chapter 60

Just like how flashy his entrance was, there goes yet another capsule just like the same capsule on where Fiolle is before.

Honestly, I still haven't processed the thing that happened to Fiolle… all of us are stuck on where we are. Not knowing what actions should we take. Just like a piece of pawn in a game of chess board… we are all acting as if we are waiting for the move of our rival.

There, he now use his ultimate chess piece. The Queen.

“It is… cold…”

Kheina can't help but mumbled those words as she felt the same temperature that we had the moment the capsule opened. Joined with the misty fog that escaped the capsule, it was as if a place in frost was being presented.

“It wouldn't be fair if it is only you who would make changes… right? Ethan?“

Laughing maniacally, he shows no interest in the main characters of the IKINOBIRU. Why is he... targeting me? Is it because… he know the flow of the story and he thinks that it was I who ruined it? Based on his words… maybe that is what h
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