A world full of peace, a world full of happiness and joy. A place that laughter and all happy memories exist, that is but a place you can only see in a dream. Sadly, not all dreams are meant to come true.

The life we are living is a life that is basically reality. Place filled with no sugar coating. There is darkness and so do light. There is happiness and so do sadness.

Life is always in balance in proportion. It was so tricky and amazing at the same time. So many wonders that we have no idea whether a day would come where the answer that we are looking for will be revealed.

But for some people, the world that was the like of that is a world they never wished to have. For not all people accepts what they had seen. Not all people are alright with how the world would go for them. Looking for things that would make them forget about the world they are living. For what the world shows them was the side of a place that would make them enjoy living

“I wish… I was born in that place. Maybe
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