chapter 4

the fuck is wrong with him?

i asked myself. he laid down his alluring face facing mine and looked at me like i was his favorite candy. 

my two thoughts came at a war of weather to ask his name or not.

finally i defeated my thought of not to ask him by saying i should at least know the name of the person i am spending my night with. 

"What's your name?" I asked and held my breath.

Why the hell am i acting like a teenage girl? ughhh!

The fucker looked a bit....shocked

well why won't he? 

You married him had a good fight with him and yet don't know his name.

my subconsciousness scolded me.

He stared into my noe green eyes like he was studying my soul

"Night Salazar" He said 

What a unique and dangerous name!

How can one name held so much power?

Night Salazar. i repeated and liked how his name rolled on my tongue.

Suddenly i felt an arm around my torso making me snap back to reality.

"Hey hey!!! keep your distance"

i said pushing Night away.

Night Salazar. what the fuck? 

stop your bullshit Sandra snap out of it! my subconsciousness again scolded.

Once again i was pulled towards him. i again tried to push but he was too strong. 

"You know na those women are still out there" he whispered in my ears making me shiver.

Seeing my body react brought a smirk on his face

"Now be a good girl and sleep" he said 

i sighed and closed my eyes hoping all of it to be a dream.

because i am in girl in my dreams.

no i am in t

body of the girl in my dreams.

i always dreamed of her. i have no idea why. 

i was spoiled my whole life apart from being trained. that lead to be very stubborn and....bitchy.

and once my father set my marriage with a man i didn't even knew i ran away from home

well technically i knew the man. i mean who wouldn't knew the biggest Mafia of the world.

Jonathan Black!

he was what you call living walking hell.

and that made me run away from home no actually him.

i hate to admit it but i was.... scared....of him

he is known to be dominant and ruthless.

a real life monster!

i ran and ran and finally i went to sleep praying...correction begging to be with anyone but him.

that is when i made that stupid wish.

i remembered the graceful and elegant woman from my dreams. she looked so carefree and happy that i wished to be her and that is the last thought before i was hugged by darkness and then here i am. in her body

Hold on a second!

If i am in this body? then who is in mine?

where did the soul of this body went?



*Modern world*

Enola POV

(Remember Enola is in Sandra's body) 

I slowly opened my eyes and groaned as i felt my muscles are contracted. 

i stretched my body and heard the cracking sound of my bones.

i lightly rubbed my eyes to help them open up.

"Morning cupcake!" 

did i say my eyes weren't opening 

well now they are wide open and are turned towards the source of the voice which happen to be coming from the man laying to me!

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