chapter 10

Sandra POV

Suddenly there was a knock on the door followed by a maid saying that the breakfast is ready.

In the moment i thanked God like a million times as Night gave me one last cheeky grin before he got off me.

i quickly sat up and straightened my clothes.

gaining the permission the maids entered with trays filled with so much food and placed it on a table near by. the sight of food made my stomach growl embarrassing the shit out of me

"I didn't knew that last night activities made you this much hungry"

My eyes snapped towards Night as i couldn't believe what he just said.

In front of maids!

The maids blushed and quickly left the room.

"Why the fuck did you said that" i asked furious

"Well didn't you fight with the soldiers and me last night that must have drained you"

He said with a cocky smile.

I was so red from anger i swear i would kill this bastard.

"Enough of the jokes. let's eat something we have to go to your parents home"

Night said getting up.

"To my parents home?" i
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